Full Kee Restaurant

Richmond, 6400 Horsepen Rd, Richmond, VA 23226

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I had high hopes for this place based on other reviews, but sad to say our family got food poisoning from this place. The service was not the best, it took a long time to order and serve. We ordered the duck over rice and some dim sum. Dim sum was hot and fresh (would 100% recommend), however, the duck was cold and had the bone cut into the meat so there were fragments of bones throughout the dish. Shortly after, we were all feeling unwell.

Leaving a review for their normal menu, which was very expensive for what it is. $20 orange beef and its just four pieces and THREE pieces of plain boiled broccoli. Like why didn't they fry it with the beef and sauce? My friend got wonton soup they didn't bother to finish because the filling was hard in the middle like it's old. How do you mess up basic wonton? It was also overpriced. Only good thing is the waiter who was very kind and ready to refill water.

Ordered family style and shared with friends. Service was great, and the food was top notch. They have a tank with love lobsters and menu with both American and Cantonese options.

- Being the only dim sum place within a 50 mile area doesn't trump bad service. No, I don't expect the same level of attentiveness from an authentic dim sum restaurant as I would from any other American restaurant. It's a thing! However this place just disappoints. If you're there for the dim sum carts for lunch on a weekend, be prepared to wait in line for a long time. I've been there before opening time a few times and there's always been a line to get seated. Once seated, be prepared to wait for a long time for the dim sum cart. And if it does come by, you're better off grabbing as much as you think you'll eat since that cart probably won't come by until an hour later. Yes, food is good, but it takes way too long to get to your table and it is lukewarm by the time it gets there. Don't expect good service. They are way too understaffed and busy seating and serving other customers or clearing out tables to come refill your empty tea pot or drinks, or pick up the empty steam baskets. If they came by with the carts and refills more often, maybe we would have finished our meal sooner, allowing another group in the line to take over our table earlier.

This is a very popular restaurant. It's the only place in the Richmond market area that you can get dim sum. Very crowded. The food was good in high quality the service was on point. If you get there early you going to be waiting in line to get in. My only real issue was with the cleanliness of the restaurant. But I may be a little bit weird like that, I like restaurants to be extremely clean.

It is a famous, traditional Chineese restaurant which is the only restaurant serves dim sum over the week end in Richmond area according to my knowledge. You may have dim sum on weekdays with limited item. Last 26 years I am enjoying Fulkee, especially the dim sum and I introduced this restaurant to many friends. I took roasted duck from here for Thanksgiving 15 minutes before the the dinner started, served fresh on the dinner table.

One objection I have is that they must clean up the surfaces of the containers for salt, papers and sauces regularly with disinfectant or soap. People are touching them with the food on their hands and they are sticky and obnoxious! I take alcohol wipes with me to wipe the surfaces and my hands as some I need to use fingers for some foods, and they are sticky with the surface of the containers!!! Table surfaces are sticky too! Hygiene is important in serving. No. I do not have OCD.

The best we have had in since we moved her 3 years ago. Delicious, large portions and friendly service. Great menu and price was fair for all that we got. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! We will be back for sure!!

Best dim sum in the city. Best roast duck and pork. Try the crispy pork. Excellent vegetables. You don't have to go to NYC. Service is fine but occasionally backed up on the weekend when the place is packed and I mean packed. Best bet is to arrive for dim sum no later than 12:00. We eat here all the time Still great. Delicious Number one

We went to this place to try their dim-sum. Their options were limited because they have a new chef. We ordered the lunch specials instead. The fried rice that it came with tasted really old. Fried chicken in the peking chicken didn’t taste fresh and it was too salty.

Incredibly long wait for our order to be taken and then for the food to arrive (90 minutes). The food is good - but the service is slow.

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Reviews about Full Kee Restaurant

16.12.2023 21:29
This is the closest it gets in RVA for Authentic Chinese food. My favorite is their Dim Sum at Noon of course on weekends. Great hospitality and service.
16.12.2023 21:29
Wife and I decided to go out to eat good customer service food was delicious good job
16.12.2023 21:29
The best food I've ever eaten, I dream about this place's food in my sleep.
16.12.2023 21:29
Authentic Chinese fare including Dim-Sum. Friendly staff - they speak English so communication is not a problem. I make it a point to stop here everytime I pass through Richmond.

**** Update 11/26/2023 ****

Had dinner here for the first time. For some reason they didn't hand out the Chinese menu and instead gave us the paper, folded, take-out menu which had the usual beef&broccoli type fare. I had to ask for the dim-sum menu. They add ¢50 to all the dimsum items. It took a long time for the food to arrive for 2 of us. We ordered a congee (which isn't in the paper menu) while we waited and thankfully that came in a few minutes ago or hunger didn't kill us.
16.12.2023 21:28
Poor service. Had to chase it down every time I wanted any. Food was good but small portions and very high price. Potstickers were 5.50 but you only got 3. An order of General Tso chicken was 17.00. 3 pieces of fried shrimp were 7.50. etc, etc. I've seen videos of these foods at different places and a number of them were much bigger and mich cheaper than here. No organization. Had to chase down a waitress many times and once food was ordered had to chase down each dim sum dish. Good but won't return. My friend refused to even order anything because of how high priced it was and left to wait in car.
16.12.2023 21:28
This place is incredible. Been coming here for 20+ years and blown away every single time. It’s no frills with amazing food. Don’t listen to the bad reviews by people who expect PF Chang’s trendy cocktails and hustle bustle waitstaff. Full Kee is not that. Definitely a low key joint. I recommend the shrimp with black bean sauce. Takeout is great too
16.12.2023 21:28
Best Chinese in Richmond
17.05.2023 12:10
Most authentic Cantonese restaurant in town and the dishes are always good.


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