Chhun's Supermarket

Sacramento, 6701 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823


Their red grocery baskets were so dirty.

The two older women cashier were always rude. They never say hi or welcome. If you were to asked them a questions they would snapped at you. The younger plump cashier is a sweet heart. Groceries are reasonable price

Best place to get your groceries and even smiles. Good people, good business. Go here!!

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Reviews about Chhun's Supermarket

15.10.2023 13:54
This store only gets a three stars review from me at this time. They usually have everything I go there for and more. They have fresh rice noodles in the refrigerator and this makes me so happy. It’s the lady at the check out that do it for me though. She’s VERY UNWELCOMING TO ME AND WAS ALSO WITH MY 15 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. I love what they have to offer and especially the convenience of it all for where I live as well. I almost am detoured but you’s A LIE SIS. I know that we as people do not have control over the next person and all I can do is control me. It’s why I’m writing this here review not to dis but to say I’m still shopping there and doing me UNAPOLOGETICALLY!! Just like her!


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