Folsom Veterinary Hospital

+1 916-985-4700
Sacramento, 803 Reading St, Folsom, CA 95630


Folsom Veterinary Hospital has been serving Folsom and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Active in serving the community, FVH is a full service veterinary hospital that provides low cost spay and neutering, plus weekly vaccine clinics. 

ur experienced surgical staff offers:

EKG Monitor


Digital radiography

Laser Therapy

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Pre-Surgical Chemistry Analysis on Premises

Board Certified Surgeon Available

Folsom Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer a multitude of services to assist is the proper diagnosis and care of your pet.

Internal Medicine -The diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of disease. Folsom Veterinary Hospital has a wide variety of diagnostic tools available
Surgery -Performed by our own doctors in addition to having a Board Certified Surgeon available upon request. EKG, Pulse Oximetry, and Blood Pressure monitoring during surgery are all available to our patients.

Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools aid in identifying a wide range of conditions and disease.

Digital X-ray -Newest radiographic technology enables us to provide state of the art x-rays and communication of results with both you and veterinary specialists if necessary.
Ultrasound - Ultrasound is available in-house by our staff veterinarians, to evaluate the internal organs.Including cancer screening and pregnancy diagnosis.
Folsom Veterinary Hospital has a board certified radiologist available upon request for x-ray consultation or detailed ultrasound studies.
In-House Laboratory Laboratory results while you wait. We can run comprehensive blood work to evaluate kidney, liver, thyroid, and pancreas

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Reviews about Folsom Veterinary Hospital

12.10.2023 14:52
Well, update I have been going to this vet forever.
Danielle is just not a good assistant or receptionist. They do not work the same at all. They overcharged on things not needed. I paid 45 dollars for 20 gauze, that I thought they were giving me. No, when I saw the bill, it has been charged. They inject steroid for nothing.

Humphrey was the only one, trying to fix the underlying issue of the allergy and not prescribing a bunch of things to take my money. however, because he has the long term resolution I need prescription food, and they do not want to mail the prescription to the third party vendor, they d rather you spend 50 dollars more on what they sell instead of being able to afford great care for your dog.

They will steal your money and make you feel guilty about everything without even looking at your dog.
This was my last time dealing with them.

Also Danielle, please find a job that you like instead of being so rude to people you steal money from, in order for you to be paid 17 dollars an hour at the reception.

Below my post 3 years ago.
Folsom vetenary hospital is the best! The staff is so kind and gentle with Midas ! I recommend 100%. Amanda will also give your furry friend so much love and treat while taking care of their health ! The price are reasonable.
12.10.2023 14:52
I got my GSD pup in april and a vet whom i trusted to the fullest {Dr. Cambell} in Granite bay for years with my other GSD's retired and sold the practice, I was so bummed!
As for the veterinarian who took over {I won't mention their name} ...grrr
But anyone who was fortunate enough to have that dog whisper care for their animals know what I'm saying!
so, I'm frantically looking for a Vet to take Ripp to and the breeder who had taken all the pups in for here for their initial shots said he liked them, so I figured I'll give em a whirl.
And was very pleased with the visit to Folsom Veterinary Hospital, Dr Lin and his staff took time to visit as to get to know the dog and understand his demeanor, so they took good care Ripp and had a cool bedside manner too!
He was only eight weeds old, 7lbs when we went and have had him back a few times for things that puppy's do and more shots.
he's now a lean and not so mean ninety lbs. 9 month old pup that is happy n healthy!
Thanks Folsom Veterinary Hospital!
12.10.2023 14:51
The new vet is great! Very informative and provides good options. The other staff has been there for a while and is always very friendly!
12.10.2023 14:51
I was able to get in right away and had the best service ever.


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