AAA Freight Salvage Groceries

San Antonio, 1111 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78210

Southtown's PREMEIRE Discount Grocery Store.

We carry Grocery/Dairy/Pet Food/Produce/Meat/Large Bulk/ Health and Beauty

We accept all major credit cards and Lone Star Card and Apple Pay

we are open Mon-Sat

10 am- 6 pm


Great place to go and get stocked up on meats, seafood, storage containers, and restraint supply staples items for the home. Look for special sales and items from local farmers. I got a crate of 32 ct. of brown eggs for $8.

The staff is always friendly, helpful, and overall genuinely caring. Mngr should be super proud of their employees. Sometimes you can get a free item at check out. One day was restraint cups, another was a unlabeled BBQ sauce that made you want to know the maker to buy more! Thanks for your kindness ladies and gentlemen at AAA!

The employees were helpful and polite. And the selection was great. The prices are very reasonable. Well worth the drive. I highly recommend this place.

If you want good bargains, go here. Always have something different to choose from. But trust me you will be satisfied with what you get for what you spend

Great selection of frozen foods and discounted groceries of all kinds. Just watch for item dates, items that are about to expire soon

Большой выбор замороженных продуктов и продуктов со скидкой на все виды. Просто следите за датами товаров, срок действия которых скоро истечет

Great little market with nice workers. Always find different items for reasonable price. They post regularly on their Facebook page and worth checking.

Some of my haul: pop tarts .99 Large salad $2.50 Tostitos circle rounds $1.99 Pancakes personal bag 5 for $1 Corn nuts 15 for $1

Excellent price's and selection. The fish is what high end restaurants use.

U can find some good deals sometimes. They can get little pricey for some items. Some items not worth buying

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Reviews about AAA Freight Salvage Groceries

13.10.2023 19:55
Great for good finds. 15 to 50% off prices in salvaged commodities. They have it all, from meat, dairy, snacks, etc. Just be ready to buy the best deals in bulk. Great place to find what you need to serve a larger crowd, group, or party at a lower price. This is a thrifty chef, food trucker, or event caterer's hidden secret. No really, they even have freight from distributors as well as wholesalers. They have dog food, household supplies, and cosmetics. Everything. Also, Check your best by and expiration dates as well as comb your receipts.
13.10.2023 19:55
this place is awesome!
13.10.2023 19:54
Grocery store that accepts EBT SNAP payments and is 100%
Affordable, despite bulk packaging and amazing quality products sold in family sized quantities at great prices!
27.07.2023 13:34
They had everything I was looking for
27.07.2023 13:34
Prices good ..people and good stuff very friendly and good bargain
27.07.2023 13:33
They take food stamps. Sell in bulk. Awesome specials on all foods, frozen, fresh, canned & meats. Most especially! Save lots!!!
27.07.2023 13:33
Love shopping for cheese at AAA and butter and just finding stuff I wouldn't think to look for.
27.07.2023 13:33
Some prices are a excellent value,some are higher than the store,check those dates for sure but great place to shop in a budget. And the smell in there can be foul maybe a deep clean or refreshing during closing would help. But I do love the offerings.
27.07.2023 13:32
Lots of discounted food and merchandise. Go with time and patience.
15.04.2023 16:09
Favorite discount family grocery store


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