Chacho's # 1 San Antonio

San Antonio, 7870 Callaghan Road at, I-10, San Antonio, TX 78229


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Chacho’s started about 30 years ago and was pretty unsuccessful the first decade because we mistakenly focused on costs instead of quality.  We were not willing to pay for the best meats and cheeses and did not pay high wages.  The result was that the restaurant limped along, barely eeking out a small profit.
In the late 1990’s, the owner (me) started a new relationship with a woman from Mexico which eventually led to marriage and children.  She decided our food sucked and said she could make it a lot better.  And so she was given (or took) full rein to do so.
The change was dramatic and sales quickly began increasing.  Sales ultimately increased seven-fold until Chacho’s became one of the highest customer count restaurants anywhere.
We adopted a new business plan which was to operate with very high costs and make a profit on high volume.  We decided to give bigger portions than other restaurants, buy better ingredients than other similar restaurants buy and pay our people more than they can make anywhere else.  And this approach has worked, and we have been profitable enough to stay in business and grow, although we do not make the kind of money our customers think we make.
We are now starting a new phase of growth where we are adopting new measures to increase quality and consistency.  We are on a path to continual improvement whereby we collectively try to improve everything possible on a continual basis.

The most interesting reviews

Great portion sizes (way bigger than planned) and reasonable prices. Didn't take too long in the drive through for a really good meal. They were very friendly and helpful and suggested a great item when my first choice was out. I'll definitely go back when I'm in town!

It was a busy night the last time I went but they did not disappoint great fast service. The meal was hot and complete. I will definitely go again.

Just tried their shredded chicken taco, nice. But wasn't aware of veggies on them, so eat it while it's still warm otherwise the lettuce and cheese and stuff like that on the taco gets lumpy and melted and it's really nasty.

But so far it's been a great experience in trying chachos I will be back. I'm a transplant from south Florida, moved here in January. I'm a Chef, and I was wanted to taste authentic Mexican food I've been in search for chorizo and egg taco I've tried Mama Margies I tried Las palapas I've tried Tommy's I tried various other places even data point at first Mama Margies was my favorite until I tried chachos yesterday it blew my mind and I will be back. So chacho's is number one in my book for chorizo and egg can't w1ait to try the other stuff especially carnitas my second favorite thing. Xoxo Chef Selena Scott

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Reviews about Chacho's # 1 San Antonio

16.12.2023 12:19
I been going here for years and it has always been a treat .....
16.12.2023 12:19
Great food for a cheap price. Service is hit and miss. Sometimes the coke machine isn't working great so taste it before you drive off. Wish they opened the dining room. Nachos are awesome
16.12.2023 12:18
This place is always on point. Great food. Great service. And whats even better i live close by to it. Keep up the good work. Appreciate you all.
16.12.2023 12:16
It's currently a drive-thru only due to renovations. But the staff has all pretty much been there for years so familiar faces helps to make it more personal. The food is so good. My kids & I crave their food sum times. & we love that they're open 24 hrs 7 days a week.
16.12.2023 12:16
I went through the drive through I had never been there before and I explained to the younger lady I can't do spice. Yes, I understand it's a Mexican restaurant but, I don't ever have problems when I ask about if it's spicy or not they usually tell me yes or no she told me No and this food is so spicy I can't eat it.
16.12.2023 12:16
I ordered a barbacoa taco and the meat tasted old. The potato and egg taco was also lacking- the potato was cut in large pieces and the tortilla was falling apart. They filled both tacos up but the taste just wasn’t there like I remember Chacho’s being. The only thing that was really good was the cilantro salsa.


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