Shahi IndoPak Groceries

San Antonio, 20323 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78258

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Great Cashier Polite and friendly.

Wide variety of food choices fresh veggies, fresh chicken, goat and beef

Great staff and great place to shop. I highly recommend

Good store BUT check your receipt, 3 times I was wrongly charged for items and was refunded when inquired about the same.

Amazing service and products!!! Arish was extremely helpful!

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Reviews about Shahi IndoPak Groceries

01.12.2023 23:00
Love Rosie and Susie, owner is so humble and helpful.
22.04.2023 17:04
Great place for Indian/Pakistani groceries especially spices. From Turmeric root to ground Turmeric, fresh Ginger, Cumin seeds or ground cumin, everything is good quality and much cheaper than box stores. Great for pickles also. Hot green chili pickles, hot lemon pickles and Mango pickles to name a few.


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