Jubba Somali Restaurant

San Jose, 5330 Terner Way, San Jose, CA 95136

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Wow, I just ran into this East African / Somali restaurant. It is not far from where I live but hidden in an out of the way area - you kind of need to know where to find it.

It has a simple uncomplicated menu with a relatively small selection to choose from, and no specialty drinks to speak of. However, we got a Beef Suqaar and a Jubba Fish wrap. The spices used to cook the beef were excellent, I loved it ! The fish wrap was equally good, you can't go wrong with either. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would easily recommend this place for all you foodies out that, as well those who simply like good food.

Honestly, EVERY dish we tried was AMAZING. We got:

1. Sambosa--huge and flavorful 2. Beef steak with injera Somali bread (DELCIOUS) 3. Sports plate (meat combo plate) with chicken and goat cutlet. Both meats were finger-licking. We got a mix of the spaghetti and rice--both of which were super tasty but I like the rice more. Even though this place is far from where we live (45 min drive), I'm now looking for an excuse to be in San Jose again just to go back!! I want to try their fish next time as I hear it's amazing too. Only down side of the place is because of popular it is, it did get a little crowded and hence hot on the inside. AND (this is I give service 4 stars, they don’t give you water—you have to buy your own. So make sure to come with a huge water bottle). But the owners are so chill they let some customers bring tables outside to eat

The Food was great I found flavor unique something like Indian and Mediterranean mix. Ordered Roasted Goat Cutlet the meat was tender, Sambusa was something completely unique it was great . Going to stop there again

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Reviews about Jubba Somali Restaurant

17.12.2023 17:43
Amazing first time having Somali cuisine, and I'll definitely be back someday. The Roasted Goat Cutlet meal and the Mandazi sweet bread hit the spot, although next time I'll ask for extra meat. I love the colorful seating and appreciate the friendly staff - oh, and the restaurant's against a light rail stop where I can watch trains! What more could an African-cuisine-seeking, color-loving train/transit enthusiast ask for?
17.12.2023 17:42
The food was great! Nice portion sizes and the had free tea. The wrap was really good as well as the beef suqqar and the mandazi.
17.12.2023 17:42
They only have one vegetarian dish, but the veggies are cooked well and the sauce is very nice.
17.12.2023 17:42
Cute place good food.
We enjoyed watching the trains going by. The food was great, really enjoyed it. Was glad to find a good halal place.
17.12.2023 17:42
Immaculate food. Hidden gem.
17.12.2023 17:42
My friends put me onto this place a couple years ago and I absolutely love it! They have a sort of tea that you HAVE to order when you visit. Its got a combination of subtle spices and pairs perfectly with the Mandazis. We always get the wraps (I'm picky about veggies but they cook all theirs to perfection) Mandazis and their teas. Their Sambusas are amazing too but it had a Lil more kick to it than I can handle. I have never been disappointed at Jubba and I go whenever I can.
17.12.2023 17:41
The Chicken suqaar & the mandazi are on point. My wife likes being called sister every time she goes to pick up dinner.


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