PetSmart San Jose (Coleman)

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San Jose, 607 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110

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We love pets, and we believe loving pets makes us better people. That’s one of the many reasons we do Anything for Pets – because they will do anything for us. Anything for Pets is our commitment to pet parents, it’s how we do business and who we are as pet lovers. As the leader in pet care, we make our decisions based on how we can bring pet parents closer to their pets.

From dressing in matching costumes, to finding the perfect treats and toys, we innovate solutions and unique, must-have products to create more ways for pets to be a part of our everyday lives.

Our trusted and skilled associates share the same passion for pets as the pet parents we serve, helping pet parents choose from our offering of the largest variety of pet products and services in one convenient place – in your neighborhood or the palm of your hand. With more than 1,660 locations in North America, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled variety of pet food, treats, toys, and apparel, as well as our services including training, grooming, boarding and more.

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Reviews about PetSmart San Jose (Coleman)

05.11.2023 19:02
Very helpful and they had the specific dog food (in the specific size of bag I was looking for) in stock when we needed it, whereas the other well known pet food store that is located closer to me was out of it... like they frequently are.
05.11.2023 19:01
Great helpful and friendly staff
05.11.2023 19:01
Clean PetSmart with well stocked supply shelves and other pet equipment. Had some very cute kittens from a local shelter group in the adoption section
05.11.2023 18:35
The only inconvenience was not seeing a place to lock my bike up when I went inside. I had to lock it to a tree out front. As far as getting what I need for cat, they have even more than I knew I could need! All types or brands cat food I want are carried and have found flavors I have never seen before. I like to watch the dogs in day care. Miss having the cats for adoption but better for the cats without that stress of being caged in the store.


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