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The first San Antonio hospital to provide Stereotaxis robotic technology to treat irregular heartbeats A Wound Healing Center with a high success rate and state-of-the-art private hyperbaric chambers Specialized experience in the treatment of all hernia types at our Hernia Center Caring, supportive help for weight loss at The Baptist Center for Weight Loss Personalized care plans at Baptist Heart & Lung Center

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I was hospitalized there for two days, Dr. Thomas was my surgeon and he was the best doctor I could ask for. The nursing staff was great as well; especially Buddy, Heidi and Marie. They were very kind and attentive.I would definitely recommend Northeast Baptist to any of my family and friends. Thank you all for taking such good care of me

Wonderful ER staff! Everyone I came in contact with was super nice and compassionate. I felt very well taken care of. They listened to me and tended to my needs. I love this hospital.I will choose to come back again if I need to. Hopefully not but…. Thank you!

I had an ablation at the Heart Center at NEB yesterday.

I wanted to acknowledge the staff there and how well they took care of me and my wife. Unsurprisingly, I don’t remember anyone from the ER by name, but they displayed an amazing amount of competence and skill. The staff in the CVU were amazing as well, especially Tivvy, Mae, and Lisa as nurses, Lauren as a nurse intern, and the techs. Please pass on our gratitude and thanks. No one ever says thank you and they took very good care of me.

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Reviews about Northeast Baptist Hospital

24.11.2023 14:11
Very horrible experience i definetly did not appreciate my stay there and when you call to complain they take your information but no one contacts you back to update you on your matter definitely have to go above and beyond yourself to get things done
24.11.2023 14:10
Today is Sunday, the 29th of October. It’s after 11:00, my husband is diabetic plus his blood sugar was low today. He is still waiting for breakfast at 11:00AM. If you call them they say it’s on the way since this morning. What kind of a service is this. He is been there for 8 days now. He is miserable there. Someone need to do something about the food service. Thanks for listening. Mrs Newaz, he is in room 3240
24.11.2023 14:10
The billing/coding department at this hospital is completely and utterly abysmal. I’m sure this is due to the hospital’s inability to realize that competent people want to be compensated at a rate above poverty level. Otherwise, you end up with inept Northeast Baptist employees. Considering most of the hospital’s income is from insurance providers you would think they would know how to submit claims properly, but alas you would be wrong. Had a procedure done on Oct 2nd and they still have not submitted a claim my insurance company can process almost a month later. Tonight when you go to sleep, pray for brains, maybe God is listening.
24.11.2023 14:10
Billing department lacks considerably! I have attempted to pay for a bill ONLINE MULTIPLE TIMES and kept getting an error message to try again later.. so I have tried calling the automated phone system to make the payment there, but was not able to process there either. So last resort, I called to speak with a representative, that went very poorly at best. Come to find out each vist you have there, you are assigned a DIFFERENT ACCOUNT NUMBER!!! Even when it is the same patient!!! Since it was my husband's visits and I only had one of the account numbers, they wouldn't work with me so I could pay both charges without verbal consent from my husband. I could only discuss the one account I had the account number for. They would allow me to provide them with an amount I wanted to pay but not provide me with the EXACT amount of the other account. I am NOT going to make up an amount to pay then try to get a refund if I overpaid!!
24.11.2023 14:10
I was not happy with to many of the staff upstairs very rude & not caring. My father was diagnosed with CHF, had fluid in his lungs not once was a bipap was ordered, no compression therapy was order for the edema in both low extremities. My dad was in room 1251 Before releasing my dad on last Sunday. I asked the charge nurse to make sure my dad concentrator was going to be delivered. Because Rotech company told me the orders were not sent for home concentrator. So I needed to make sure I had a delivery that evening. I told the Charge nurse she would have to call due to it being a weekend. Rotech request verbal so they could deliver. That charge nurse rolled her eyes & was very unprofessional. Anytime i ask to speak with the nurse she would just sit there. I cant remember her name i know it started with L - lydia or something like that, I will never take my father back to that place. Mind you all his information was all incorrect on paperwork, Dme company. & sent all his meds to New Braunfels Walgreens! She was more passed about that cause she had to get that fixed. I will never take my father to this location ever again! Its bad when my father said he did not want to be there any longer because of the rudness Not they way we were treated!! My father Insurance Pays these hospitals way to much money to be treated the way we were. Employees should treat patients as family member "What if it was your parents " But i do give credit where credit is do!! I would love to give BRENDA the ER Nurse A BIG SHOUT OUT SHE WAS AMAZING & VERY CARING when we arrived !!!! THANK YOU BRENDA !!!


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