22nd & Irving Market

San Francisco, 2101 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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This is the best grocery store ever! They have ridiculously cheap prices for a lot of the vegetables. We got onions at 79 cents per pound and the quality was amazing. The staff is sweet and nice. Although you might have to stand a bit longer in the queue but it is totally worth it. Looking forward to my next visit

Biggest grocery store in the area, have all Asian ingredients. Price are slightly higher for general items than the super market.

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Reviews about 22nd & Irving Market

12.01.2024 17:59
Service can be iffy when the owners aren’t present. The cashiers are completely clueless as to the merchandise sold here; most will pretend to not speak English.

They have good fruits & vegetables; also a lot of quality Greek grocery items like pasta, sweets made locally by Glyka bakery, frozen spinach, cheese pies and excellent Greek chocolate and coffee.
12.01.2024 17:58
It contains most of the things I need with cheaper rate.
12.01.2024 17:58
Fresh produce with reasonable price, shop at this store few time a month.
12.01.2024 17:58
Amazing international selection, inspiring
12.01.2024 17:58
My family has shopped here for decades. They carry a wide range of produce (including some organics) at great prices, a dairy case with Clover and Mediterranean products, Asian (including fresh noodles & wrappers), Hispanic (beans, chilis, chips), breads, dried items, a large selection of Bob’s flours & grains… the list goes on. When they have a lot of a seasonal item (strawberries, plums, cherries), they offer them at very low prices. A place like Whole Foods would never do that. Support local businesses. They are an integral part of the community and care about their customers. The produce guys are so friendly and always say hi.


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