Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant

San Francisco, 960 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

- Chinese food - Family-owned - Serving SF's Chinatown since 1998 - Available for takeout and delivery

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Love this hidden gem. Google pointed me in the right direction. Loved the orange chicken and chicken fried rice. The walk is steep up the stairs so be careful but otherwise, I enjoyed the charm of walking up the stairs. And we sat at a window seat and loved the view down from the second floor. First time in Chinatown so it was a great stop along the way.

Cool, kind of quirky looking interior. I appreciated the traditional green tea at all the tables. The food is served family style and is DELICIOUS. The customer service was good although a bit difficult getting the waitress attention on a busy evening as it was when I went. I really enjoyed this place and would recommend to others.

Visiting SF for the first time and happened upon this place while trying to choose a Chinatown lunch spot. Immediately got seated as a solo diner at the window. Waitress was super on top of things. I chose the spring rolls (crunchy outside and almost creamy inside, would get again) and the spareribs and pumpkin (with thick white onions and beans) clay pot. It came out quick. I didn't realize the spareribs would have random bones and wasn't sure how best to eat it, but overall was fine. Slightly sweet with starchy pumpkin (also lightly sweet) to balance the savory broth. I'd get this again except maybe without meat, but it probably won't be my favorite entree on this trip. Rose tea that was free was great. I did walk past the entrance like three times... really have to see it from across the street first to not miss the signage.

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Reviews about Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant

17.12.2023 16:02
Decent restaurant all around. However, I wish the servers were more helpful selecting food from the menu (it’s veryyyy overwhelming).

The service was good, slow at times, and the ambience overall was good.
17.12.2023 16:01
Best authentic Chinese restaurant in San Francisco! The owners are super nice and friendly!! Good service. Foods were delicious. Big portions. Prices are reasonable. Traditional Chinese decoration. Family business. I always like to support small business rather than going to chain or fancy restaurants.
Definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant in SF Chinatown. Highly recommend it!! Must try!
17.12.2023 16:01
When you visit the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend going to Hong Kong Clay Pot. This was a hidden gem of a restaurant. After a stroll in Chinatown, enter the doorway and up the stairs to excellent dinner. We were greeted by the hostess/server. She was friendly and helpful directing us to our table. Tea was served. We ordered the salt and pepper chicken wings, wonton soup and stir fried spicy green beans with chicken. Delivered to our table by the chef himself. All highly recommend. The meal was excellent. I suspect everything on the menu would be just as delicious. Another plus was that the dinner didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Also, we given a free 2024 year of the dragon calendar. Definitely a place to plan a visit.
17.12.2023 16:01
We came here with SF Chinatown native and it was very good. Prices were reasonable, food was delicious, and the service was great even when it got busy!


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