Costco Wholesale San Francisco

(415) 626-4388
San Francisco, 450 10th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Costco Wholesale offers a unique selection of products in the USA at unbeatable prices.

Evaluate the selection and prices, come to our stores, we will offer service, low prices and better service.

Only in our stores you will find the best offers on the US market

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Costco originated the warehouse club concept more than three decades ago, and we continue to lead the industry in terms of quality, value and convenience.

We are known for carrying top-quality national and regional brands, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our members, at prices consistently below other retailers. We feel strongly that we offer the absolute best values in the industry. 

Costco also features a fine line of quality products under our own Kirkland Signature™ private label. All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than name brands.

Costco has been recognized throughout the country for providing our employees with real living wages – the highest in the industry – and for our ethical business practices.

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Reviews about Costco Wholesale San Francisco

10.10.2023 11:41
I love Costco even though they didn't have everything I want like the 24 package of cup of noodles okay and sometimes they need to open all of the check out stands especially when it's super busy inside the warehouse
10.10.2023 11:40
Buen lugar para encontrar lo que necesitas para el hogar, ropas, viveres asi como tambien tecnologia y entre otros. Tuve una mala experiencia en cuanto a la atencion al cliente en ventanilla no quieren hablar en español, sabiendo hablar solicite para sacar mi tarjeta y se rehusaban en atenderme, deberian cambiar de personal si no tienen ganas de trabajar.
10.10.2023 11:40
America's most revered shrine to consumerism. A great way to really mess with your mind? Look at all the stuff in that massive room and remind yourself that within a year almost all of it will be in a landfill.
10.10.2023 11:40
Hit or miss on items & other Costco stores have better selection. However parking is superb for San Francisco. Staff is hard working & helpful. You won't get a better deal than the food court.
10.10.2023 11:40
Very bad customer services . Guy working in cashier unprofessional!!!!!! Very rude shame on you
10.10.2023 11:40
All you need is a membership and a large family
10.10.2023 11:39
Servicio pésimo en el area de lentes Racistas todas la veces que intentado que me atiendan nunca lo an echo atienden a otros menos a mi estresante lugar
10.10.2023 11:38
You can get your requirements in affordable prices if you purchase in bulk.. Good for family shopping.... you can shop and eat with family....
10.10.2023 11:37
Large parking lot and has everything a typical Costco does. Lines can get long sometimes, but it's what you would expect. Friendly staff as always
10.10.2023 11:36
I really like this location, but one of the managers is always mad (white man with glasses kinda bald) he is always mad and with an attitude. Other than that rest of the staff super friendly. He really does get on my nerves.
10.10.2023 11:35
Amazing, no other explanation needed, whole dinner pizza for under 10$!!! Tons of cookies! Very good and is close to bus!!! Would recommend
10.10.2023 11:35
Purchased a few items and at the food court too. This is a decently sized Costco in the middle of San Francisco and seems to offer much of the same that other traditional Costcos manage with larger stores. Good selection of products. Fairly accessible parking, distance to public transportation, and rideshare stopping area.
10.10.2023 11:34
Arrived today around 11am on 10/05/23 Thursday with my elderly grandma who needed to renew her membership. The gentleman (Hispanic male) working the membership counter was extremely rude. He was more focused on the people exiting than his work at the membership counter.

Very aggressive attitude, and should not be tolerated, especially in front of an elderly person trying to renew her membership!!

Work on your tone, and your customer service skills.. this is your job. We are members not cattle. Be more clear next time when asking questions. Get a job that better suits you!
10.10.2023 11:32
Most of the parking lot is downstairs. So that makes it a little hard to get around in there. But other than that it's pretty much like any other Costco.
10.10.2023 11:31
This is the only Costco in San Francisco. It’s easy to access and 2 levels of parking, variety of options and clothing options on this location


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