Rinconcito Salvadoreño

San Francisco, 3829 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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My favorite Salvadorean spot in SF. I lived around the corner and frequently got the pupusas and soups. The place is bomb.

Furthermore, I found it authentically Latam: the TV, background music and even the menu was in Spanish. And since the counter staff usually had limited English, I would always order in a bit of Spanish.

Food is delicious and service by Daysi and Norma is great, love this place and when we visit S.F. we come here to eat.onve again here, love thos place!

Amazing atmosphere if you love a true to home experience. Real restaurant vibe and staff.

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Reviews about Rinconcito Salvadoreño

21.12.2023 14:48
Comidas diferentes, mas foi uma agradável experiência gourmet
21.12.2023 14:48
Fairly pricey for mediocre food. Pupusa con queso y pollo was pretty flavourless. The hot sauces made it better but overall a bit of a let down here. Roughly $15 for pupusa combo plate
21.12.2023 14:44
the minute i stepped into this place i knew food was to be amazing. the place smelled like food! i was correct and in the least disappointed. yum

"curtido" is their forté. oh lala the oregano flavor in it added the most perfect infusion of aroma and authentic flavor to the mix. #pupusas were cooked to perfection as was my chicken milanesa. yum


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