Royal Market Food & Bakery

San Francisco, 5335 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

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- It is my go-to store to shop for Russian food. Clean, relatively big, a bit pricey though.

- Overpriced items. Been to Russian stores around the country, this one sells 3$ item for 9$. Plus all Azerbaijani products are excluded from the business. That's because of Armenian owner. I'd recommend to use other stores for shopping.

- Eastern European store with nostalgic good from the East, good pre made food and selection of rare anywhere else to find cookies, drinks, and goods.

- I've been coming here since the store opened, and everyone is really nice. The staff is trained really well, they speak both Russian and English and are always welcoming and friendly. They are serious about people wearing masks, which I really appreciate because it makes me feel safe shopping here.

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Reviews about Royal Market Food & Bakery

27.12.2023 19:42
Terrible service, slow as molasses. They have a good selection of Russian cakes and baked goods (shipped from L.A. be sure to check expiry dates). Not a fan of their prepared foods even though I'm very familiar with the cuisine from my mom & grandma.
27.12.2023 19:42
Overpriced especially spirits and liquors.
27.12.2023 19:40
Great place for getting imported food from Armenia, Russia, and Ukraine. They cook many Eastern European delicacies. Try their eggplant spreads and pickled things.
27.12.2023 19:40
High end Russian groceries. Very fresh veggies, fruit.


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