SM Sunset Supermarket

San Francisco, 2801 Vicente St, San Francisco, CA 94116

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It's got all manner of Asian products. There's a fish market including live shellfish and iced fish. There is butcher service with exotic cuts if necessary like beef tongue or chicken feet. They sell fresh tofu for $0.40/block as well as breads from Sheng Ki Bakery. There's frozen durian and an extensive vegetable selection. They manage to fit a wide selection in a seemingly small space

This is perhaps my favorite grocery store in SF. I purchased Joss paper and burnt a gold and silver while chanting 'Heil God Heil-Heil-Heil-Heil Heil God' after rainfall and a double rainbow literally appeared a few meters from me it was incredible. I am grateful they exist.

To anybody who has something to say about the workers: THEY ARE NOT THERE TO BE YOUR FRIEND.

Anyways, quick checkout for customers. I'm always in and out in under 5-7 mins. Very fair prices. The produce is fresh. Never tried the meat/seafood. I hate lines, crowds, waiting, I do what I can to maximize my time. Go in the morning if you're always under a time crunch. I much prefer this place over Ranch 99 - that place is hell for me.

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Reviews about SM Sunset Supermarket

17.01.2024 19:08
Good large Asian grocery store. Loses a star because the meat and fish section is not super clean, especially the floors
17.01.2024 19:08
Pork belly to feet..full butcher shop here with fresh seafood
17.01.2024 19:08
Chinese super go to place in sunset. They have everything you need for Asian food. Fruit and vegetables are pretty fresh in the morning...!
17.01.2024 19:06
Nice store as long as you buy anything except avocados. From the outside, they look good, are relatively large, and have a very attractive price. Unfortunately, inside, they are all rotten. And the fruits are not even ripe yet.


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