Kiev Deli of Sarasota

Miami, 4031 Cattlemen Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233


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European style deli market serving custom made, hearty sandwiches and a full selection of meats and cheeses, smoked fish by the pound and freshly baked breads.

Let us prepare a deli platter of your favorite authentic Polish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German, and Russian deli fare.

Perfect for:

Work and corporate luncheons
School dances
club meetings
Other special events

Kiev Deli начинал как скромный магазин и превратился в ПРЕМЬЕР-МЕСТО в Сарасоте, Брадентоне и Венеции, Флорида, где можно найти самые неуловимые восточноевропейские бренды и самые вкусные деликатесы где бы то ни было.


The most interesting reviews

This is my go to place for all things Eastern European. Selection is great and the owners are very nice. They started selling fresh pirogi and they are sooo good. Would love to see them sell more freshly cooked goodies!

Прежде чем ехать в магазин, лучше позвоните. они очень часто закрыты в рабочее время.

The store is very often closed during working hours. Recommend calling before coming.

Kiev Deli is one of the best food stores in our area.

Expensive compared to other similar stores nearby.

Amazing selection of Eastern European groceries and wonderful deli counter. Free loaf of fresh bread if you spend over $50. Also, if you are buying feta cheese elsewhere, STOP they have the very best!

I shop there all the time. Olga is the nicest person I have met. She is super nice and keep that store organized and clean

Tiny but heavily overpriced shop. Eastern-Europian canned food, cereals, drinks. Modest selection of sausages. Need to be careful when buying - no one will return your money, for example, for low-quality caviar (extremely expensive!) or drinks spoiled in the sun. Nice service though, friendly people. Overall, dubious exotic.

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Reviews about Kiev Deli of Sarasota

14.01.2024 17:35
Good deli
17.10.2023 00:40
Kiev Deli Sarasota, I went in there because I saw in the window that they had Mediterranean food and it was a deli so I thought it was a sandwich shop but they don’t normally make sandwiches but he said sometimes they do upon request. He’s a really nice gentleman in the year. We had a long conversation and he made this amazing sandwich for me and it was of $10.99 and I thought it was a bargain because it was HUGE and I’m gonna go back!!
17.10.2023 00:40
Дорого. Надписи на таварі з помилками, ніби з Китаю. Хоча все російське та Польське. Доречі, Києв - то російське, Київ - українське. Робіть висновки самі.
13.04.2023 17:11
Great deli, lots of interesting products to try, the owners are so nice!

Отличный гастроном, много интересных продуктов, которые можно попробовать, владельцы такие милые!


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