Chayhana Vostok - Ресторан узбекской кухни "Vostok"

941-9235919, 971-266-9283. Рустам
Sarasota, 4242 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Узбекская, русская, казахская кухня


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Excellent food & surprisingly great service. Our first time eating Uzbeki food. Kids and parents all found something to enjoy - even the vegetarians.

All dishes are prepared, issued and served in the best traditions. I strongly recommend you to come here because the time spent in this restaurant has a good sense of celebration.

First time having Chayhana Vostok. We’ve haven’t tried this kind of food before but it was super delicious and worth every penny!! The pilaf and manty was perfection!! Atmosphere was happy and clean! Service a bit slower when we went but it makes it easier to eat slower and enjoy it more.

“Ok” place that’s maybe healthier than McDonalds. Nothing special. Uzbek restaurant with vegan borsch - that’s nonsense. “Chebureks” have very little meat and are sprinkled with too much spice. “Kompot” has 50% of plain water added and lacks taste. And they are always out of many items, even in the first half of the day! Service is not the best have to call the waiter.

Recently, we have visited Vostok teahouse twice and were able to try many dishes from the menu: borscht and hodgepodge, shurpa and lagman, shish kebab and lula kebab, tobacco chicken and manti, chebureks and pilaf, kvass and compote, "Napoleon" and "Honey" cakes. Everything was absolutely delicious! We know a lot about good food, so we are very happy that in Sarasota, the bright and savory star of Uzbek cuisine was added to the constellation of ethnic cuisines! We sincerely recommend to all gourmets to visit the teahouse and enjoy the delicious food, nice interior and very friendly service.

First of all, it is overpriced - a paid price-to-food amount ratio is not worth it at all. Second, mediocre quality. Let me elaborate on this part. The Chorba stew did not have an intense taste and consistency as it must have because it is stew. Just a light broth with almost no meaty lamb taste. It must be rich by its taste because it is defined as a stew. On the menu, it was shown as a portion with a fair chunk of lamb. In reality, it served as a light broth with a small piece of meat, paid $16. The actual cost is between $7-9. The lamb pilaf has the same issue, paid $20, but the actual cost is $9-12, no more, really. It consists of 80% rice, guys. Somsa, one portion (two items) is a bit salty and not juicy how it should be, but that is fine. Well, adding a pot with Tashkent tea, which was good by the way, $56 was paid in total. The fair price is about $37-42 max.

If you're looking for an authentic taste of Uzbek cuisine, look no further than Chayhana Vostok. Uzbekistan, located in Central Asia, has a unique culinary tradition influenced by its location on the Silk Road. Uzbek cuisine is known for its flavorful spices, hearty meat dishes, and use of noodles and rice.

At Chayhana Vostok, you can taste the rich flavors and spices that make Uzbek cuisine so special. The Lagman soup, a traditional noodle soup, is a must-try. It's a hearty and flavorful soup that's perfect for a cold day. The Plov rice dish is another standout. Made with tender lamb and fragrant spices, it's a filling and delicious meal that's sure to satisfy. But Chayhana Vostok doesn't just serve Uzbek cuisine.

They also offer dishes from other countries near Uzbekistan, like Kazakhstan and Georgia. This means there's something for everyone to try, whether you're looking for something familiar or something new and exciting. The atmosphere at Chayhana Vostok is warm and inviting, with colorful decorations and comfortable seating. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable, happy to recommend dishes and answer any questions you may have. So, if you're looking for a unique and flavorful dining experience, Chayhana Vostok is the place to go. With delicious dishes from Uzbekistan and beyond, you're sure to find something to love. So head on over, try the Lagman soup and Plov rice dish, and enjoy the taste of Central Asia!

The food was absolutely delicious. We had the Khachapuri as an appetizer. For entreés we had the Chicken Shish Kebab and the Lamb Lula Kebab. It was so good. There was this carrot salad with the meal which was out of this world. The Kompot was very tasty. I would really recommend this place to anyone and I would definitely go there again.

Еда была абсолютно вкусной. В качестве закуски у нас были хачапури. На основные блюда у нас был шашлык из курицы и люля-кебаб из баранины. Это было так хорошо. Был этот морковный салат с едой, которая была вне этого мира. Компот был очень вкусным. Я действительно рекомендую это место всем, и я определенно поеду туда снова.

Disappointing. I used to enjoy coming here and just returned recently to find out that this casual establishment suddenly elevated itself only in prices to a fine dining restaurant.

The interior update is noticeable. The food is very good, but this is simply a family style Uzbek restaurant and not a fine dining. Lunch was priced at same price as dinner and it was mostly empty. I felt like I was subsidizing the upgrade of the interior and flatware. Neither the portions, nor this type of food justified it. The waitresses are sweet but barely speak English, and not super attentive .

That was ok in the past as it matched the the concept of the place. On top of it they updated the menu that states that a side order of vegetables is included with kebabs and still charged an additional fee for just a few pieces of veggies. It was not the fee, just the practice of not being upfront. Sadly, greed won’t win back my return here nor any recommendations.

Разочаровывает. Раньше мне нравилось сюда приходить, и только недавно вернувшись, я обнаружил, что это обычное заведение вдруг возвысилось только в ценах до ресторана высокой кухни. Обновление салона заметно. Еда очень хорошая, но это просто семейный узбекский ресторан, а не изысканная кухня. Обед стоил по той же цене, что и ужин, и в основном он был пуст. Я чувствовал, что субсидирую обновление интерьера и столовых приборов. Ни порции, ни этот тип еды не оправдывали этого.

Официантки милые, но почти не говорят по-английски и не очень внимательны. Раньше это было нормально, так как соответствовало концепции места. Кроме того, они обновили меню, в котором говорится, что к шашлыкам прилагается дополнительный заказ овощей, и по-прежнему взимается дополнительная плата всего за несколько кусочков овощей. Дело было не в гонораре, а просто в том, что я не делал предоплату. К сожалению, жадность не отыграет ни моего возвращения сюда, ни каких-либо рекомендаций.

Everything was absolutely delicious, couldn’t be happier with the food and drinks! The staff is super friendly, takes good care of the guests and gives great recommendations! The place itself is cozy and authentic with very pretty dishes and decor! Would try to bring my friends there and would definitely recommend to anyone!

Went to this restaurant for dinner and it was fantastic! The vibe was chill and cozy, and the staff were really nice and made us feel at home. The food was amazing too, my favorite was definitely the chicken shashlik and eggplant salad, it was so flavorful and cooked to perfection. Overall, I had a great time and would definitely recommend this spot to anyone looking for a good meal in a laid-back atmosphere!

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Reviews about Chayhana Vostok - Ресторан узбекской кухни "Vostok"

16.12.2023 13:18
Fantastic food.. fabulous decor and amazing service. Highly recommended…
16.12.2023 13:18
Food is more then 10 stars! Service even better! Everything is superb! Chebureki and Medovik is heavenly good!
16.12.2023 13:18
Amazing restaurant, delicious food, definitely going back !
16.12.2023 13:18
Невероятно уютное место, очень атмосферно, очень вкусно.
16.12.2023 13:17
The atmosphere was very cozy, the food is probably the best in sarasota
16.12.2023 13:17
Delicious, cultural, and very hospitable!
16.12.2023 13:16
Great place, great food! Delicious soup-huge portions! Thank you Maria for the atmosphere and attention.
14.04.2023 12:44
It’s a great place to try Eastern European food! The food was delicious homemade and super fresh. Also, that place has live music and friendly staff. We will definitely be coming back!


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