IKEA Renton

Seattle, 601 SW 41st St, Renton, WA 98057

Such an interesting Swedish story

How did they come up with this? Make inexpensive and high-quality furniture

Perhaps it is somewhere deep in the minds of these wonderful guys

Everything must be in order

Seems like a standard, but not quite. Some special ideas and always striving for the ideal. The quality of each product.

This seems to be the soul of Swedish designers and their approach to business.

Everything should be to your liking and at a reasonable price. By the way, the issue of ecology has not been forgotten.

When IKEA entered the US market, the company's top experts invented the best solutions for this market.

It definitely worked out. Welcome to IKEA stores

IKEA is proud to offer its best products to customers in the United States.

A store of furniture and interior items, everything for the home from the world famous IKEA chain of stores. Offers a huge range of good products at low prices. Our offers will please any buyer. And our service is known all over the world. Our products are known and in demand in many countries around the world. Any of your ideas for decorating the space of your home will find solutions in our stores. We always care about quality and high level of service. When purchasing products in our stores, you can be sure of excellent quality and low prices for all products!

Our frequent discounts and sales will satisfy all your home furniture purchasing needs.

We create the best examples of our products specifically for the US market.

We are confident that any purchase from IKEA will bring pleasure to your family


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Reviews about IKEA Renton

16.09.2023 16:46
Only downside these days is that it’s hard to find someone to help when we have a question. You have to look around so it takes time till u get help.
16.09.2023 16:46
I always love thinking about going to IKEA and then the second I step in there, there is always a large amount of fear. Fear that my kids won't be able to behave/ get bored hungry etc.
My husband and I looked ahead on the website at what we might like and to make sure they had the items in stock. Then seeing it in the store helped us make our final decision.
They have a center for kids. You do have to be a certain height to access it. We decided to keep the kids with us this time. Our youngest one fell asleep in the cart.
They have the restaurant and different food you can buy.
Our shopping trip today was on target and to the point. We spent less than 90 min in the store. We got what we needed and wanted and out the door.
Also a bonus is the ikea family card. It is free to sign up. It isn't a credit card. it is like a rewards card. We got 5 % off anything we bought at the store.
16.09.2023 16:45
This is a great IKEA! It's very big, with a great selection of furniture. Parking can be hard to find on the main lot on a weekend, but they do have an alternative parking lot with a shuttle that takes people back and forth.
16.09.2023 16:45
Love or hate the furniture and design merchandise, IKEA has a lock on merchandising and creating an event out of shopping in their stores. This location is no different than most others with ample parking, guided procession through the store, a very affordable selection of food in the restaurant, and of course lots of stuff that will require assembly when you get it home. While prices skyrocketed during the pandemic, they appear to be stabilizing now and there are always some great bargains if you look.
16.09.2023 16:45
The new furniture picking system is garbage. It took over 30 minutes to retrieve two bookcases. Much faster when we picked them ourselves.

I skipped food because it was a similar snarl.

Glad I don't have to suffer this place frequently.
16.09.2023 16:44
Have to say Maddie was a great help to my husband and me when we were looking for office furniture. Informative and friendly, wish I could have had Maddie answer all my questions in every department!
16.09.2023 16:44
Seattle has a pretty cool IKEA... When I first moved here in 2000, it was my first experience there. I worked just around the corner. Very dangerous... Back then they had 2-3 separate buildings, including indoor parking. Overtime, they tore them down and built a huge footprint. It is much easier to get in and out of. The store layout is nice, especially if you know what you're specifically looking for... Of course they have the restaurant and food section.
16.09.2023 16:44
Wide selection and a large number of showrooms combining the furniture in appealing ways. Plus swedish meatballs & other snacks. I'd give it 5 stars if it came assembled but it is easy enough to assemble.
16.09.2023 16:44
Very helpful staff as well as friendly. Cafe has some good food choices. Just wish there was more vegan options.
16.09.2023 16:43
Food service is Great and very affordable salmon and salmon available. Sushi available and all other types of energy and healthy drinks.
16.09.2023 16:43
Really disappointed in the restaurant. Went for breakfast mid-week: the creamer machine was broken/empty, one drink station was down, and the other drink station only had carbonated options. Staff was friendly at least.
16.09.2023 16:43
I felt targeted in the self checkout by the cashier , he was a white man with a bald head and thick southern accent.
16.09.2023 16:43
Free stuff!!! We got randomly selected this weekend to be investigated for trying to steal, and the employee was so smart she didn’t scan all of our items so we realized after getting home they gave it to us for free even though we tried to pay for it! Amazing deals!!!
16.09.2023 16:42
Amazing furniture store! It was my first time coming here, and it was a whole new experience. They have an amazingly large variety of furniture, lights, and more. As they say, if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, just go to IKEA. On top of the large selection of furniture, they also have their own food court. The food was surprisingly tasty, albeit slightly overpriced. In the end, I came for the furniture, and stayed for the food.
16.09.2023 16:42
It's...Ikea. Went there for house design ideas. And left with more than we should have. Still love that place.
16.09.2023 16:42
Shopping at IKEA is usually an enjoyable experience but I have now had the need to return two broken dining room chairs over the last few months. The first one was replaced after an unbearably long wait in the "Customer returns" line and a long return process even with a receipt. Today, I returned the second dining room chair which had broken in exactly same way (with my receipt) but now that it has been nine months instead of under six months, I found out that per policy, six months is it on defective merchandise.

In January, we purchased an EKEDALEN table (703.408.07) and six INGOLF padded chairs (304.730.69) and spent $900 for the set. And after a few months, the back (X shaped) of one of the chairs broke. That was the first one replaced. Then this summer, the second chair back broke like the first one. The first one broke when I was using it. The second one broke when my daughter-in-law was using it. The wood they use for the backs is very weak. We weren't abusing the chairs in any way.

After a long discussion with the associate this morning, he reluctantly gave us a store credit for the chair as a good will gesture but informed us that IKEA wouldn't be replacing any further chairs. We were grilled about returning the first broken chair for some reason which we didn't understand. The associate seemed to imply the first broken chair had something to do with the second broken chair being returned.

So, now we have a $900 dining room set that we won't be spending any more money on buying replacement chairs. And we certainly won't be purchasing any other big-ticket items and will stick to the "cheaper" IKEA items that we won't mind throwing away after using them awhile.

Not good IKEA!
16.09.2023 16:41
It's an IKEA... the food is good, the furniture has picture books for instructions, and the lines are long but move quickly. What can I say... I got a desk and a bookcase. It was a good trip.
16.09.2023 16:41
Pay more for the same furniture. Assemble it yourself with tons of missing pieces. Good luck with online orders. 3/4 orders were missing tons of pieces or sent the wrong furniture entirely. Ironically the wrong furniture also had missing pieces


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