Al Bacha Restaurant

Seattle, 819 E Denny Way, Seattle


Big portion sizes, consistent service, and great taste.

Great late night place to get food. Staff is friendly and food is reasonably priced.

Really awesome Shwarma! I'm editing this review because I was wrong. This isn't really awesome Shawarma. This is AMAZING shawarma. This is change your life shawarma. This shawarma? Become your best friend shawarma. Meet your significant other shawarma. They get to know each other and start hanging out shawarma. Your SO eventually leaves you for this shawarma. Then you get an invite to their wedding shawarma. Shawarma still loves you, shawarma still cares about you. You go to the wedding anyway to support this Shawarma because of how much this shawarma gave you. You're happy for your SO and this Shawarma, because if they can't be with you at least they're in good shawarma's caring hands. 11/10, could die happy after this meal.

Very friendly service. The falafel wrap is descent but the garlicky tzatziki fries are soooo good!

After hunting Capitol Hill for some Mediterranean food, I landed to this place. Their chicken shawarma was really flavorful, Loved eating it. Service was quick & this outlet also has Mexican food items as well.

Hands down the best halal carne asada tacos I have ever tasted ANYWHERE!

This place is a must try! Dont let the shwarma signs fool you! When you walk in there is a massive sign saying that they now sell halal carne asada and birria tacos. The staff here is incredibly nice and welcoming along with the food, you'll definitely want to come here again.

If you're someone who wants the authentic taste and spice of Mexican tacos, you gotta ask for Louis, he is such a nice and great guy and will be happy to hook your tacos up with that amazing taste and salsas that will leave you drooling and daydreaming for more days after. Also, I'm incredibly surprised at the prices here, coming here will not at all break the bank.


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Отзывы про Al Bacha Restaurant

14.08.2023 20:45
Went to Al Bacha Restaurant for the first time to try their yummy gyros . First of all, the smell of the restaurant is like so tantalizing lol! It was like, “come to me and we will feed you” kind of smell lol! I ordered the gyro combo meal. The meal comes with fries and a soda. It was super super delicious ! The fries were super flavorful and crispy, just the way I love it ! Highly recommended! Love love love it
14.08.2023 20:45
my go-to is the greek fries with beef and lamb gyro. I will say though their menu is a little confusing - it's not always obvious if you'll be getting a pita or schawarma bread with your order
14.08.2023 20:45
Food is not that great for the price. Very little meat and overpriced. Won’t be back.
14.08.2023 20:44
The chicken is soooo nicee and tender. It's yumm!! Super fast service
06.04.2023 17:23
Best secret taco spot
Best birria tacos I have ever had


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