Dog In the Park

Seattle, 1520 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Established in 2005! We are now in our 16th year of business. Family owned. Located in the heart of down town Seattle. Proudly serving you the original "Seattle Dog".


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Stopped by to try the "Seattle Dog" (never had a hotdog with cream cheese on it) since Monster Dogs seems to be doing events only. Was not disappointed! The staff were extremely friendly and showed they care about what they are doing with the time spent getting that hotdog just right and the attention to grilling all the ingredients to perfection. Also a nice selection of condiments to customize your order.

As to how the "Seattle Dog" experience was - I'd definitely get it again. Somehow it works - the cream cheese has some seasoning going on and works well with the char on the hotdog and the caramelized onions and peppers.

These hotdogs are always tasty and the employees I've dealt with always seem friendly. I only put 4 stars cause the prices are a bit steep. $8 for just a plain ole' hotdog? And a dollar for a tiiiiiiiinnnnnyyy bag of chips? $8 might be ok if it included a bigger bag of chips and a drink. But $8 JUST for the hotdog? Too much.

A Seattle dog made with love! This was my first Seattle dog and it was delicious. The man working the stand was friendly and quick. While there were a few people ahead of us in line, it went quickly as he would take a few orders, cook them up and then charge those few orders before taking the next few orders (it was really efficient).

He also asked if we want to split our hot dog in half (we did) and wrapped it in a way that we were both able to eat the dog wrapped without the grilled veggie toppings spilling out.

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Reviews about Dog In the Park

16.12.2023 17:06
Had Seattle Dog and it was so freaking good. Service was quick, and staff were really friendly too.
16.12.2023 17:06
I don’t even like hotdogs very much but this was amazing. genuinely life changing. I got the seattle dog and i’m still thinking about it 4 hours later. Not too pricey either! Much better to get this than eat at the glass museum’s cafe !! Thank you and God bless you
16.12.2023 17:06
Look, sometimes you just need a good glizzy in the city. Dog in the park is the place to be, and reasonably priced and clean street food. A Seattle classic for sure. The owner is cool too.
16.12.2023 17:06
Second time here. Seattle dog is great. This time guy overcharged us by $2 seemingly to get to an even 20. He even said the correct price of the drink out loud so he overcharged us $1 each for the dogs. At a hotdog stand where I am sure he knows how much his dogs cost.
06.04.2023 18:15
Highly Recommend!
Accepted credit card!
Staff is extremely friendly and supportive
Even though you may wait a while, hot dog is worth waiting. The staff treats grilled hot dog really nicely. I appreciate a “hot” hot dog instead of cooled hot dog. Topping with vegetables, hot dog is a little bit healthier than others


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