Euro Food & Deli

Seattle, 1505 S 344th St, Federal Way, WA 98003


Healthy food nicely cooked, ready to eat. Favorably priced. Good pit stop.

Good food at a decent price

It's a clean place with Eastern European food. If you expect western European food like, Spain, France, German or Italian food, you should save a trip and don't go but overall it's not a bad place if you enjoy Eastern European food.

Well shoot, this was another cute little find. The girlfriend and our friend went there a few months back and told me about it so I have no excuse for it taking me this long to come here considering how close it is to our home.

Truth be told, I love buying peanuts and walnuts for my backyard crows and squirrels but it's really hard for me to find places that have whole in shell walnuts when it's not the holiday season...until I came here. So now I've been back two times (I have to limit myself to once a week or else I'll spend my entire paycheck on walnuts ) and this is why I go (walnuts). They have a killer bakery here, which we love, and so many unique things (also forgive me if this isn't the correct way to say things, I'm used to the "average" grocery stores that are everywhere, not these really cool unique smaller stores). I can't, or I should say "shouldn't", write a review based on only walnuts, so I took a million photos to give people an idea what's in here. I do suggest people come and check them out!

I’m always looking for unique food items so I popped by this store on my way home. They have a nice selection of deli meats & salad dishes but my favorite were the BIG Piroshky’s! They are so reasonably priced, fresh, and delicious. I’ll definitely be back

This market has a great selection of candies, Europe ingredients and a well stocked deli case full of cured meats. We will be back.

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Reviews about Euro Food & Deli

16.10.2023 13:26
Good food, stopped by for the first time not a lot of choices but if you are hungry you can always find something
16.10.2023 13:26
Great customer services!
Delicious food!!!
16.10.2023 13:25
My favorite storе provided delicious food!
06.04.2023 19:02
Clean, very spacious Russian and Ukrainian store


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