Rising Sun Produce

Сиэтл, 6329 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115, United States


Amazing to have produce a walk away.

My very own farmer’s market across the street. The produce is colorful and delicious. You can find it open practically everyday! From your farm to my table. Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm.

So much variety of produce! I love getting my fruits and veg there. Thank you Rising Sun!!

Такое разнообразие продуктов! Мне нравится покупать там фрукты и овощи. Спасибо, Восходящее Солнце!!

Love shopping local produce with great prices! Worth the walk/drive wherever you are coming from.

Good prices but very mediocre produce. Under ripe but going bad at the same time, bruised, etc. I think the high ratings are people wanting it to feel like some charming local place but really the quality is seriously lacking. Bananas for 99c/lb that are very green and will go bad before they ripen? That's just absurd! A lot of their "cheap produce" is just closeout stuff from chains, which is to say half of it will be covered in mould while still being sold.

I want to like this place but management needs to get it together.

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Reviews about Rising Sun Produce

23.04.2023 12:44
good store


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