Trinity Market

Seattle, 4301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105


Family owned, great beverage selection and great sandwiches!

Amazing sandwiches, excellent customer service. Pickle spear on the side....yes please. Thank you

It’s pretty expensive but it’s very convenient. They are very nice. And whatever they are cooking smells fantastic.

The owner is a nice guy and the staff are friendly and do a great job.

The sandwhiches they make are all very good and they use top notch bread and meats. Their bacon is supper yummy. I'm adicted to the Buffalo Connection and get it on days I need a pick me up. As for the groceries, there is no doubt you're paying more then you would at Safeway or Krogers, but they have a surprisingly good selection of things, espessily for colledge students seeing how close this is to the Uni. To sum up, it's a great market with good people working at it. You have to get a sandwhich here. As someone who lives very close, it's the main grocery option if you're walking or don't have a car.

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Reviews about Trinity Market

19.05.2023 12:46
The deli is fantastic. The mark-ups for the rest of the store are ridiculous but you're paying for the convenience of them being the only store open until midnight.

Owner and staff are friendly.


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