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For nearly two decades, TGH has been named one of the Nation’s Best Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. We are ranked as the #1 hospital in Tampa Bay and ranked among the top 50 hospitals in the nation in six specialties. We've also been named one of the World's Best Hospitals by Newsweek and were named to the 2022 Fortune/Merative 100 Top Hospitals List. We are Magnet® recognized for nursing excellence and we adhere to rigorous standards, measuring ourselves against the best in the business so the care we deliver today continues to raise the bar.


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Reviews about Tampa General Hospital

01.06.2024 14:42
Majority of the nurses and patient staff are rude as hell. They do not care about you. I was left in a triage room for 2 hours with just a sit up "bed" and then they canceled a CT scan that I needed for mastoiditis caught at an urgent care. No doctor came to see me. No communication of any kind. Will be leaving AMA and seeking treatment elsewhere.

2 stars for the two nurses who were kind to me.

Update: I was admitted to the critical care/ICU floor. It was OK. Most of my healthcare team were great except for ENT. He was insensitive and not gentle at all. And I was unmedicated for an extremely painful procedure. Food was decent.

In general, I prefer my local hospital. Food was better, staff was much much nicer, they were much much faster in stabilizing me. TGH may be good for traumas but I wouldn't recommend for things that can be taken care of at your local hospital, that don't require high level ICU care. Upping my review to 3 stars since my nurses were so nice upon admission
01.06.2024 14:41
I wouldn’t step foot in this hospital if I’d keeled over in the parking lot. They make you sit in ER for 14 HOURS with stroke level blood pressure. They treated my husband worse than a damn animal. Then they shoved him in a hallway for 4 hours. This place should be closed. It’s the worst hospital in America.
12.11.2023 15:11
My father was transferred from the TGH Mediplex Emergency Department by Top golf yesterday (15Oct23) because he had a fall with LOC. Additional labwork was requested by TGH but was drawn by Mediplex ED and almost 24 hours later we still have no results. He's at TGH on Davis Island since 8pm yesterday and orders have been made to do ultrasounds of both arms and an echocardiogram, but nothing completed yet. It's been over 5 hours and the orders aren't complete so nothing has been done. Thanks to the nurse today we were told that the staff working today that tests are ordered on Sunday, but reading the results and giving them to the patient will be pushed off until the attending physician of Monday is on duty.
This is not acceptable behavior for a supposedly superior hospital. All this seems like is a cash grab on a Medicare patient by ordering tests and not providing timely results. My patience have been exceeded,but restrained myself from showing up today and reading the riot act on the staff; however, if there's no improvement tomorrow I will not hold my tongue. We agreed with him being admitted because his cardiac marker was elevated and we thought he was going through a cardiac event. If that were the case, then it's continued all day with no updates?? Isn't that medical error or malpractice? Or it wasn't as serious as originally stated and this is truly a cash grab... It ends tomorrow. He's going to be out with their consent or AMA...
12.11.2023 15:11
By far the worst experience at a hospital over September and October 2023. First, the ER, OR, and specialty staff in those sections are rockstars.

Onto the real stuff, once you are on a main floor (8th Floor Ortho Trauma) is where I had two surgeries in two months was HELL. I explained on a number of occasions my lack of tolerance for pain. I was assured it would be taken care of, wrong. I asked for a Patient Advocate THREE times in one stay with no progress or result. I explained my chief complaints of not being heard or listened to as a patient. Most importantly, my pain went uncontrolled for almost the entire time and then went 3 full days and nights asking the nurses to contact someone to adjust my pain dosage. It never happened. I was told every time they left a message and would get back to me when the “Pain Team” responded. They did respond to messages but those messages were clearly obvious your chart was not read nor did they care to help and refused every time. The hospital does not put patients cares or concerns first. I would explain I’m at a 9/10 or 10/10 pain level and be told “Sorry”. We can give you Tylenol and reach out to the doctor which always ended with them never getting back to you until hours later only to repeat the same thing that they haven’t heard anything and would try again. If you’re in pain or need a surgery, do not use this hospital. You’re better off somewhere else where you will be listened to such as Saint Joseph’s or Baycare or any other hospital but the fancy looking one with helicopters outside on the water. This being a teaching hospital, our future for care is extremely poor. The contracted doctors only care about their money for using the facility (Yes, Florida Orthopedic Clinic, I’m looking at you.). Few nurses actually care and even more don’t care a word you have to say and repeat their tenants of “Liability”, “Safety”, and “Concern”. They do not care for the patients well-being only themselves.

One particular time during my stay, I received a specific threat of getting “TGH Security” at the request of a specific nurse because I refuse to sign my discharge papers because I was not consulted, consented, or discussed my after care properly as well as being in uncontrolled pain. If I could reach my wheelchair I absolutely would leave AMA and seek another orthopedic doctor/center that understands pain control at a respectable hospital with respectable staff.
12.11.2023 15:11
I was treated like I was unimportant and like I was drug seeking. Went in Monday night with a hole in my back that has the whole side of my back in pain. I could barely walk. I spent 12 hours in the waiting room after I came in on an ambulance. Then I was told that I was put in under low acuity. And nobody in that hospital knows why anything happens the way it does. They just work there. I had sepsis before. So I know what sepsis feels like. And I know I was very close. I was stuck with needles over and over and they kept blowing up my veins. They blew 7 veins that were hard to get. And I begged them to not stick me anymore but they did. I begged for TYLENOL. And was told I couldn’t be given any medicine by mouth. I feel like I was completely disregarded as a human. I was put in a drug observation wing. They kept saying vascular. But there were cameras and when the lady took to long in the bathroom that was sharing a room with me the nurses berated her. It’s so sad that you treat people the way you do.
12.11.2023 15:10
The reason why I'm giving this hospital with only 3 stars because when my husband got his surgery, He had to wait at the recovery room for over 7 hours after his procedure because they didn't have a room for him I don't understand why he don't have a room as they scheduled his surgery for over a month.Watching him laying in the small wheeled stretcher was painful. To be honest I started to get personal, Made me think maybe because he is a black man or maybe our insurance don't pay enough for a room in the hospital as He was the only person that was still there when I asked why the lady told me they are still cleaning the room and one of them told me I'm lucky that he is going to have a room for the night or else he would stay in the hallway.... I can't believed what she said to me. It's crazy!

The Doctors and Nurses are Excellent. They are for sure 5 stars. I Thank them all for everything that they do.
12.11.2023 15:10
Overall, I think this hospital isn't great, or even good. I wouldn't go here if I had a choice. Unfortunately, my surgeon works out of this facility, so I'm stuck here. The ER has nightmare reviews, but aside from that I've been here several times and it’s just not a clean or welcoming place. The staff is extremely unprofessional. There are constantly personal conversations going on in the halls and even at their desk, which includes a lot of profanity. There is always a lot of construction and make-shift waiting areas, it’s hard to sort out where to go, it’s very crowed and messy. They also allow so many people/family members into waiting areas which doesn't help with the overcrowding. I'm not sure why your entire extended family needs to escort you to your procedure, why the hospital allows it? It’s also probably why there is absolutely no parking available. You will circle the parking garage over and over just to see people sitting in their car waiting. It’s terribly unorganized. The only thing this hospital has going for them is the wonderful pre-op nurses. I can't shout their praises enough; I've been here for two procedures thus far and they have been wonderful. When going in and coming out of surgery they have been amazing. Kind, comforting, and just amazing. However, if you do get admitted and must stay, be prepared to get treated as if you're a burden. The nursing staff on the floors are not kind. It’s clear they don't like their job and will leave you unattended for hours, meanwhile they are huddled together (hidden away) chatting, but will make you feel as though they are too busy to help you with anything. I hated being there. It felt like my pain was being ignored, they just kept shoving Tylenol at me. When I was discharged, I was missing a very important medication. Just avoid this location, I think there are great doctors in this network/hospital who probably have little control over the issues happening with this hospital.
12.11.2023 15:10
There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to every single individual involved in saving my son’s life TWICE after a motorcycle accident. Every single one selflessly went above and beyond their normal duties and expectations and if even one of them had been removed from the equation, my son would not have survived. This hospital was absolutely incredible in the emergency room and ICU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
12.11.2023 15:10
Omg Run If you care about your life or your loved ones lives please run as fast as you can away from this hospital. The nurses aren’t trained well . The doctors don’t care . What’s even worse is if your pregnant they refuse to help you because they don’t have OBGYN doctors like what hospital doesn’t have obgyn doctors. It’s just ridiculous. The nurses won’t explains what their going to do they do it first then tell you . The nurses sit there and talk all throughout their shift and ignore your help button if pressed . Some nurses will start something and never come back and finish what they started . They will make you wait 3-5 hours before they come and say anything to you . This hospital sucks . They will let you or your loved one die . Dont be fooled this hospital is Terrible
12.11.2023 15:09
There Is A God

I live in Decatur, GA but my husband and I had to come to Tampa, Florida because his dad was sick.

Once we arrived and was caring for his dad I got sick.

I asked my husband to take me to a nearby Fire Station to check my vitals. That Fire Station AMBULANCED ME TO A NEARBY HOSPITAL.

I was in that hospital 2 weeks.
Then I got sick again and my husband brought me to
Tampa General Hospital and not the other hospital that I was originally hospitalized.

The other hospital WAS OH MY GOD WONDERFUL!!!

*Dr. Matthew Vasey the
Emergency Room Doctor

The Caseworker Ms. Carmon
The Nurse Gloria
The Blood Lab (Matthew)
Triage (Tabitha)
Triage (Dr. Rachel)
E. R. Sign-In (Rebecca)
Tech (Destiney)
X-Ray (Lovely Workers)
Awesome Security
Shuttle Bus Ride (Great)

Tampa General Hospital


The Medical Field

The Medical Field
Saves Lives 24/7
Worldwide Including Holidays

Tampa General Hospital,
and so do I.
12.11.2023 15:09
THE WORST HOSPITAL EVER...All they care about is $$$$$$. Interesting how they MAKE you get LEGAL representation because they know no Law firm will take a case for less than $250,000 No one has mal-practice insurance... you cannot sue them. They are above it all while they let people DIE. Pretty damn sad TGH. While all the staff flirts with each other. How do they let this happen?
12.11.2023 15:09
I had laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery the day before yesterday. Dr Kuo was my surgeon. In a word, the entire experience was outstanding! From the moment I arrived at reception, through in-processing at the surgery clinic, to surgery prep, the actual operation itself, and finally post-op recovery, every single nurse and doctor were wonderfully competent and compassionate. I don't wish surgery on anyone, but sometimes it's simply necessary, and in that instance, I cannot give TGH and Dr Kuo a higher recommendation. I am well on my way to complete recovery now, and I am so very grateful for this magnificent team of doctors and nurses!!

This is my second review of TGH:
Last Tuesday, Oct 31, my wife had open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve and repair a mitral valve. Her surgeon was Dr Lozonschi, the Chief of Thorasic Surgery. In a word, the entire experience was astounding. The procedure was flawless, and my wife literally has a new, better heart. Post op in ICU was also amazing. Incredibly great care by many superb professional nurses, doctors, therapists, and others. Finally, the last 2 days in patient recovery were equally outstanding. Great care by caring professionals all around. Even the cafeteria serves wonderful food! Love this hospital. Will never go elsewhere. Thank you all!
12.11.2023 15:09
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT go to this hospital for pregnancy if you are in your second trimester but still less than the 20 weeks mark. Unfortunately If you are not 20 weeks or over yet, you have to go through the ER part and these people did me so wrong! I came in for cramping and pain in my back on Nov 1 2023 and the emergency room staff had me sit in the waiting room for OVER 2 hours in excruciating pain and unfortunately due to their delayed intervention, my water broke as soon as they came and got me and I sadly lost my baby at 17 weeks on Nov 3 2023 from her heartbeat stopping a day and a half later after my water broke and I almost lost my life as well from my placenta starting to detach and me starting to bleed out. They didn’t even try to get me up to L&D (even though my water had obviously broke) until I started to bleed out, then they finally made action. I’m heartbroken and so angry because so much could have been prevented instead of me being told I had to wait for ultrasound every time I mentioned my pain with tears on my face to the staff.
12.11.2023 15:08
Never take your love one here for anything, run run far away. This hospital suppose to be in top 10 their logo says we define medicine that's bull ____! Please ask questions because your love one can be dying and they will not say a word it is our RIGHT to know. Some of the doctor's in this hospital are inhumane. Doctor's have some respect for patients family's and inform them what's happening to their love ones. Please have a heart. Will use your love one like an lab animal. Please get second opinion for yourself and love ones. Only care about I nsurance how much they can make from. Keeping your love one in the hospital to get paid it's not about money it's a my love one. I would rather die than ever step foot in this hospital. Too many doctors that don't have a clue what is going on it's all about money.
12.11.2023 15:08
I had anterior cervical spine surgery on C5 and 6 w/ fusion. Dr. Marc Weinstein Ortho surgeon perform my surgery yesterday afternoon and today I was discharged . The surgery went smoothly no complications!!! Let me just say he is phenomenal!! From the OR nurse , anesthesiologist, neurologist all gave me a step by step of what to expect and what their roles were. This is an All star team for sure. They all assured me that I would be in good hand and they delivered. Post Op the medical staff were very helpful, attentive and comforting. One thing that impressed me , which I had never heard of before are the OR paper gowns that warm up, great for freezing surgery rms. I am so glad I chose Dr, Marc Weinstein!! And I am grateful to all the nice medical staff at TGH you guys rock!! Special shout out to nurseTC!!
12.11.2023 15:06
This hospital should be a20 star across the board. The doctors, nurses and staff are top notch. You do wait along time in the waiting room , but it’s well worth it cause the doctors here will find out the root of your problem. You don’t just see an Er doctor you see multiple doctors and specialists around the clock and if you need a Cat Scan at 1am you will sure to have it!
I highly recommend!
12.11.2023 15:06
Le agradezco a los médicos su labor que es simple su juramento de salvar vidas la carrera de medicina es por vocación no por un interés,no puedo negar que estoy agradecida por que hicieron un gran trabajo los cirujanos ortopédicos (pero cuando mi hijo entró a Tampa General Hospital el 25 de noviembre, Thanksgiving Day hicieron un esfuerzo el personal médico increíble pero todo no fue perfecto,mi hijo se quejaba de mucho dolor en sus testiculos y el personal de Emfermera del piso 8 no hacían caso solo decían es dolor por tu accidente y otros están peor,ellas solo usaban el catéter para extraer el orine y no miraban que parte del sus testiculos cada vez se inflamaba más y cambiaron de color el 8 de diciembre le dieron el alta sin que ningún médico revisará que estaba pasando ,llegamos a mi casa y tuve que llevarlo de emergencia a otro Hospital,automáticamente lo remitieron en ambulancia al Tampa General por que un testiculo estaba necrozado verdad?estuvo toda la noche en sala de emergencias cuando lo admitieron en el 2 floor ,vino un Urólogo y le explicó que tenía solo 30 minutos para decidir por qué había que estirar el testiculo izquierdo porque si lo hubieran llamado en las primeras 72/h el hubiese salvado ya que el sangrado provocado por el rompimiento de tejido había hecho que necrosara,es decir por el mal trabajo de las Emfermera de ortopedia del piso 8 mi hijo con solo 25 años perdió parte de su órgano reproductivo por lo cual tendrá que usar un tratamiento de por vida con testerona para poder un día tener hijo,tenemos toda la información del personal médico que lo atendió en esos días ,cuando le dieron a él la información de lo que pasaría el solo se tapó su cabeza ,puse abogado y que creen que nos dijeron que la cirugía no había sido en el hospital ,seguro que fue en el planeta Martes pero para información no vamos a parar es injusto ,horrible la nigligencia de ese personal ,este caso lo sabe la jefa de Emfermera del hospital que enseguida al llanto de mi hijo se puso en contacto con el pero era tarde y por suerte ella es hispana ósea su juramento de ayudar y salvar no lo cumplió el nunca ha vuelto hacer el mismo y no se que será en realidad su futuro eso se lo debo a esas Emfermera’s que no hicieron su trabajo ,pero se que habrá justicia cuento con toda la ducumentacion necesaria si el sufre más sufro yo como Madre,espero que un día la justicia llegue para prácticamente un niño de 25 años que no sabe si podrá ser PADRE.
12.11.2023 15:06
Dirty, overcrowded, and unprofessional. They're keeping hundreds of patients in serious condition in hallways! Plenty of cops everywhere with lots of guns, bulletproof vests, and tasers on full display. Lots of staff but all have been totally unhelpful and constantly discharge patients sicker and quicker. Really gives you the 3rd world country hospital experience. This facility deserves to be sued out of existence it is unconscionable!


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