Tesla Tampa - 2223 N Westshore Blvd

(813) 393-3820
Tampa, 2223 N Westshore Blvd Suite 128, Tampa, FL 33607

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Nice show room, very informative staff. They recently added displays of the components of Tesla products. My sons and I were offered to take a test drive, which was a great experience and memory.

Great experience here with knowledgeable staff. Great effort to put me in a new plaid Model X, but our family already owns a Model 3 and a Model Y. Go check um out!

I recently purchased a Model Y from Zak Fuller at International Plaza. This has definitely been been the best experience ever buying a car. No hassles, up front pricing, no hidden disclosures, straight honest representative. Zak explained everything in detail and was excellent in recommending the options and explaining the differences between them. Haven't taken delivery yet but will update that process



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Reviews about Tesla Tampa - 2223 N Westshore Blvd

12.12.2023 21:17
Nice show room, very informative staff. They recently added displays of the components of Tesla products. My sons and I were offered to take a test drive, which was a great experience and memory.
12.12.2023 21:15
I'm a current Tesla owner. This location is decent for getting test drives but the staff has been rude to me more than once about the vehicles. First time, telling me not to touch the doors in model X. More recently, warning me not to touch the cybertruck, which was behind ropes.
12.12.2023 21:14
Outstanding service, anxious for my Cybertruck but if you have home or other vehicle needs or questions this is one of the best locations to have a great staff talk to you about your Tesla needs or curiosities hense why they are 1 of 9 to have the Cybertruck before the Nov 30 final reveal and launch event, as well as having the prototype Optimus Tesla Bot.
12.12.2023 21:14
Hi. I’d like to preface this review by stating that I was late and I did go over the time limit. But allow me to explain, as I tried to do even after trying to clean it up with the sale. Upon arrival, we received great service from everyone, we then were given the key and proper instructions, and we were showed how to operate the car. We then walk alone to the car with there are also what there are also other confused 1st time drivers. I would recommend hiring an actual employee to assist the potential customers. After apologizing again for my tardy, I then tell Susan that I was actively in the market. but of course, as she should be, she is giving me the cold shoulder. The one I test drove I did not like and I wanted to request a test, drive a bigger model. She then QUICKLY states , but it can’t be a weekend. Undertabdable, I work for myself. Scheduling isn’t a problem for me. I then give an exact date where my schedule is free and she then In so many words, says “wellll, i don’t trust you with MY car” .. I understand your position, and I respect it, but I believe I’m purchasing a Tesla not a Susan, Respectfully. Even after brushing off her cold shoulder, she then tells me that the big remodel is available for February when the original model I requested I was looking for as a Christmas gift, and then i became even more anxious because because that’s my birthday but then after the cold shoulder constantly, enough was enough. I told her I was also in the market for a Mercedes down the street and I had an appointment and stormed away. Thank you for horrible service, and relieveing me of this stressful situation of urgently car shopping.
12.12.2023 21:13
Great location to check out their vehicles and get more information! The employees are very helpful and knowledgeable about their vehicles while allowing you to schedule a test drive at this location. Also check out their Cyber Truck because they have one here!


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