Sibley Memorial Hospital

Washington, DC, 5255 Loughboro Rd NW NW, Washington, DC 20016

Sibley Memorial Hospital provides a wide range of healthcare services to the Washington, D.C., area communities. We offer medical, surgical, intensive care, obstetric, oncology, orthopaedic, and a variety of other inpatient and outpatient services, as well as a 24-hour Emergency Department.

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Reviews about Sibley Memorial Hospital

08.11.2023 21:11
Recently, I had two experiences with Sibley Hospital: one was preparation for surgery and a surgical procedure, and the other, was bringing my father after he received subpar care at another medical facility. Both times, I was extremely impressed with the care: the facilities, the procedues, the nurses, the overall comfort of the room. My room was so quiet and comfortable that I could actually begin to recover in peace. I did not feel the need to rush from the hospital because I did indeed felt like I have privacy and dignity while I recovered in those first few days. I was extremely comfortable which started my road to recovery on a strong start. Sibley will be my go-to from here on.
08.11.2023 21:11
When we were in the ER, I kept hearing a nurse yelling at her patients loudly and rudely like she is the boss. I really feel bad for those patients who had to go through her attitude, whoever were treated by her were definitely in pain and shouldn't have to be treated like that. The nurse acted like she is doing some kind of charity for everyone there, she is definitely the boss. I was very intimidated to ask her anything. She was very loud and telling the patients off. I was shocked that patients actually had to beg the nurse to come in to help. I am very disappointed from this experience.
Oh I suggest you to learn some nursing skills if you choose to go to this ER- Such as how to adjust IV, how to discharge your IV, how to adjust those hospitals beds, how to check your temp by using their equipment because you might need it because some of the nurses there will just keep saying they are busy, you can't rely on the nurse.
08.11.2023 21:11
I had the best e.r experience here thanks to CELINA, MJ, ROY, MOO AND LEONARD! Everyone made me feel like home; even offered me heated blankets to keep warm and cozy while waiting bc the e.r tends to be cold but everyone here is warm and friendly and that makes all the difference!
08.11.2023 21:11
Thank You JACK! You saw I needed extra help and went above and beyond to make sure I was good. Most people would not help the way you did. I know you exceeded the typical routine and helped me out of the kindness of your heart! We need people ppl like you in this world!
08.11.2023 21:10
Nurse Mary Patenta young white lady red hair in Building B 5th Floor very rude and condescending. Visiting love ones who are suffering is hard enough, and then to top it off having to deal with un-compassionate human beings.

Nurses Rose a beautiful Italian lady and Marie a beautiful Brown skin American however were very nice and caring and helpful. They deserve a raise.
08.11.2023 21:10
This place has terrible management! My friend was scheduled for discharge at 330pm and it's 1030pm and the doctor had left for the day without communicating with staff. They failed to provide the proper medication needed post surgery and made us go and fetch it late at night after leaving. Avoid this place if you need medical help.


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