Miami Tiny Pink Robots Set to Expand Its Delivery Services


The robots can be used within a certain radius as a courier service to send items weighing less than 20 pounds. The company that developed them is now looking to expand that.

You've probably seen Geoffrey zooming past pedestrians on sidewalks in Miami with special deliveries.

The heart-eyed pink robots were developed by Canadian company Tiny Mile.

“We’re able to operate in dense areas, tight-knit areas, at a low cost because we are using robots," Omar Elawi of Tiny Mile said.

The robots can be used within a certain radius as a courier service to send documents, books, gifts and items weighing less than 20 pounds. Right now the “peer-to-peer” service is free of charge.

"It is completely free to use," Elawi said. "We look at it as a free public utility and the way we are able to offer that is by our sponsors. Our sponsors sponsor our robot and wrap their brand around the robot.”

The robots have cameras as well as sensors for safety and security. Each robot is remotely controlled by a person, working from home or an office in different parts of the world.

“They are always keeping a close eye on their surroundings, controlling the robot and making sure we are following the right pedestrian rules and traffic rules," Elawi said.

Within the next three weeks, Tiny Mile will also launch a restaurant delivery service option. This will feature a combination of human couriers and the pink robots will be used for shorter distances.

"So it’s not free, but we actually help save the restaurant thousands of dollars through their Uber Eats commissions," Elawi said.

Right now the robots are mostly in downtown and Brickell, but the Tiny Mile team hopes to expand their service areas in the coming years.

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