University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH)

Albuquerque, 2211 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) is home to the best and brightest health care providers in our great state.

As the only academic health center in New Mexico, we care for patients with the most complex health needs in the Southwest—regardless of a family's ability to pay.

We are the primary teaching hospital for UNM School of Medicine, which means your care team is on the cutting edge of medical research, technology, clinical trials and specialty patient care.

UNMH has earned 2021 CHIME Digital Health Most Wired recognition as a certified level seven organization—this is the 15th year UNMH has received this honor. The CHIME Digital Health Most Wired program conducts an annual survey to assess how effectively health care organizations apply core and advanced technologies into their clinical and business programs to improve health and care in their communities. The surveys assessed the adoption, integration and impact of technologies in healthcare organizations at all stages of development, from early development to industry leading.

Services We Offer

Allergy & Immunology
Bariatric Surgery
Behavioral Health
Blood Disorders
Cancer Care
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Cleft & Craniofacial
Critical Care
Development & Disability
Diabetes, Nutrition & Endocrinology
Digestive Health
Ear, Nose & Throat
Emergency & Trauma Care
Eye Care
Family Medicine
Family Planning & Reproductive Health
Heart & Vascular
Infectious Disease

Infusion Care
Integrative Medicine
Kidney Care
Lab Services
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Pain Management
Palliative Care
Pharmacy Services
Primary Care
Pulmonology & Respiratory Care
Radiology & Imaging
Senior Health
Sleep Medicine
Urgent Care
Vein Care & Treatment
Wound Care

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Reviews about University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH)

14.11.2023 18:13
Please come to this hospital if you don't value your life. I had to have a medical life saving procedure over Labor day weekend and no surgeons or staff around all on vacation...Had to be transferred to Texas and received exceptional care and very caring staff. Such a disgrace this is the only major hospital here. Staff crying for raises with their mediocre care and non caring staff. The housekeeping there is lazy and unproductive this hospital so dirty and unsanitary. Patients suffering for hours in ER and staff just gossiping instead of checking on patients. Let me tell you when you receive quality care elsewhere it makes you question what the heck am I doing in this state.
14.11.2023 18:13
I hope collecting and billing insurance for things that didn't need to be done feels good! He had cancer was very sick! They operated on him put a ball of morphine in! He had so much pain and no this didn't help! It's crazy to hear the things Doctors do for patients! But really it's for themselves! He passed away! And your still a money hungry Doctor!
14.11.2023 18:13
Could give 0 stars if I could I had a still born here because the ultrasound tech I quote has been one over 25 years said the bubble I questioned about was Normal said it was an airpocket so baby can breathe... I had a slow leak and lost my 7 month pregnancy... the other was they said in pediatrics and urology my son needed surgery for an undecended testicle when I told them I didn't want to come to unm for surgery they withheld the paper work for referral to colorado for 5 months finally getting it I got an actual real educated person at children hospital of colorado and turns out my son was misdiagnosed twice I am so glad I came to colorado or else my son would if had unnecessary surgery stay away from UNM hospitals all of them if possible
14.11.2023 18:13
My sister was in for 10 days with septis,was released and 24 hours later the home health care worker sent her to the ER. Went to ER spent 9 hours in waiting room before taken back to a room. She is still in the ER overflow 50 hours later. This is absolutely ridiculous!! There are no beds available for her. What part of this is quality care!! What part of being septic is not URGENT. I would never recommend this hospital for anyone
14.11.2023 18:12
If you’re a CNA you never want to work here! Staff and Managers are bullies and the union does a good job at protecting workers but management are very sneaky and will make up stuff and get you fired. If your to nice and take time with your patients they get mad at you for time management. They are also very mean to patients that have a drug problem. There is a certain CNA that does things that are out of his scope of practice just because he has worked security and other positions. I would be very careful if you work here!
14.11.2023 18:12
I had a midwife Ms. Borders that was caring for me during my L&D (She is not my primary midwife) I have had issues with my due date being changed. First went into UNM I was told I was due at the end of October, then after a few visits they switched it to November due to baby not growing, assuming he was due later due to MEASUREMENTS. I know he is due in the first accurate reading because of how big my baby currently is & my last ultrasound visit the technician also pointed out the inaccuracy of the dates. I went in because of contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart, 40 sec each. Borders came in with a really condescending & pretentious attitude & was really trying to dismiss my worries of the due date. She brought in my ultrasounds, showed me when the due date changed. Didn't look at the measurements, did not look at the baby. She based completely from just dates & called me uneducated because I was challenging it. For one, she is not an sonograph technician. She is a midwife. When discussing this with her, she didn't bother to look at my babies measurements, didn't bother to look at my family history of babies, even my last pregnancy to try to see why I felt the way I did when it came to my due date. The entire time she was very condescending, told me "I am the night Midwife, so my say goes" Basically told me I have zero rights over my pregnancy & my worries/wants were not going to be taken seriously.
For her information, yes the babies due date is based off of measurements. The first ultrasound they based it from is my last assumption of my period not measurement. Then Second ultrasound they do check the exact measurements & go from there. I have zero history of health issues, no gestational diabetes. My baby is weighing 7 pounds at 35 weeks? His head & body are measuring at 37 weeks & she's dismissing it completely cause somehow she's educated more than a ultrasound technician with her few month of a midwife certificate that she obtained. My last child was full term, 7 IBS 14 oz. This baby, I am '35 weeks' 7Ibs 6oz. They are considering him preemie, trying to put me as high risk. Seems to me she is finding any reason to consider me high risk, I left Dara A Luz due to them forcing things in my pregnancy & Borders somehow is trying to connect it to having High blood pressure when that is inaccurate. I refused to give into her lack of knowledge, she intentionally was trying to inflict as much pain as she could when checking my cervix. Last midwife that checked my cervix, barely any pain but Borders intentionally was shoving her hand into my bone as HARD as she could to check my cervix. Intentionally being rough because she's not getting her way of trying to manipulate me. Treating me like I was a child (I'm 24, married, have 2 kids, have finished 4 years of Aviation mechanics, I have experience of pregnancy as it is) She's dismissing all of my ultrasound visits where I have watched my son develop, grow, also my experiences within this pregnancy was dismissed. She tried to discourage me from speaking to my primary midwife of the due date concern by saying "Your midwife is going to agree with me too" Even though I've had this talk with my primary & they have also brought red flags to this worry.I personally think Borders intentionally makes issues in pregnancy/labor for financial purposes. Last pregnancy I had there was so much inaccurate information on my documents, like medication, experiences, etc that was paid out by my insurance that I never did or see. Saying that I came in through ambulance when I did not. I refused any medications except for a sleeping medication, my chart had a LIST of different medications that supposedly I took, when I did a natural/Unmedicated birth. On top of it trying to give me a history of high blood pressure. I'm not happy with my experience. I intentionally choose a midwife for natural purposes & also Midwives are supposed to be an advocate in natural birthing. The entire time I was stressed, treated like I was a child & my rights were being taken from me, I was dealing with abuse
14.11.2023 18:12
If I could give zero stars, I would use that option! Being the only trauma center in New Mexico it’s sad that the waiting period to get seen by a doctor or even place until the room is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve seen people with gunshot, wounds, broken limbs stab wounds ECT wait for hours on end just to be seen and told they’ll be all right to go home! Some of the staff are considerate and caring, while others are just there for a paycheck and don’t care! If you do not care about others, you should not being in this field of work. You constantly judge people by their history especially if there’s drug use involved, or if there was. UNM needs to hire better people and look into expanding
14.11.2023 18:12
Took my daughter to emergency room. Pediatric was there from 9 pm to almost 2 am! While we waited and sat in lobby we seen many people come and go. There was a kid who was there for literally the same reason as my daughter got there 1 1/2 hours after us and was given medicine and discharged before us! I understand there's other cases which require attention immediately but to wait HOURS for a dr just to send us off. Save your time go somewhere else .
14.11.2023 18:11
Fat security old lady kicked me out because I had a vape in my hand was taunting me and harassing other patients making fun of an old lady who couldn’t walk 12:30am at the emergency entrance. Hospital should really find new workers with better customer service
14.11.2023 18:11
Can this hospital explain to the community why their personeel, including doctors, while wearing medical clothing and the hospital badge are spreading their political propoganda regarding the conflict in the middle east?

They are a complete disgrace to the medical field, and the doctors that DO take their oath seriously for the treatment and prevention of disease in patients.

A complete disgrace of a hospital that doesnt value integrity and the wellbeing of ALL of its patients, independent of where they come from. Do they think family of the civilians slaughtered and burnt to death value the hospitals propoganda that benefits the terrorist organisation hamas?

Complete disgrace.
14.11.2023 18:11
Can this hospital explain to the community why their personeel, including doctors, while wearing medical clothing and the hospital badge are spreading their political propoganda regarding the conflict in the middle east?

They are a complete disgrace to the medical field, and the doctors that DO take their oath seriously for the treatment and prevention of disease in patients.

A complete disgrace of a hospital that doesnt value integrity and the wellbeing of ALL of its patients, independent of where they come from. Do they think family of the civilians slaughtered and burnt to death by hamas value the hospitals propoganda that benefits this terrorist organisation?

Complete disgrace.
14.11.2023 18:11
Waiting room is a 5 to 10 hour wait just for testing. Patients are scene in waiting room not private. Doctors don't close doors. No respect for privacy. If your dying go anywhere else. I have internal bleeding and waited over 6 hours just for images. I almost died thanks to the lack of care. And asking a nurse for anything will just get you blown off. Don't go here. Go anywhere but here. This place is terrible
14.11.2023 18:10
We were visiting Albuquerque and were rear ended. We were taken by ambulance to UNM hospital. All I can say the place is SCARY! Waited in the ER waiting room 5 hours. Finally just left. We were verbally abused by other patients when we reported vaping in the waiting room. Nurse was informed but didn’t do anything. Security was told didn’t do anything. Naked man in the waiting room! Blood on the toilet seats and floor of the bathroom. Lots of homeless and sketchy characters in the waiting room. Feel so sorry for the Medical staff. It felt like a combat zone! We had two cab companies cancel our pickup request. Luckily Marriott sent their shuttle to pick us up. Nightmare experience. Never returning to Albuquerque.
14.11.2023 18:10
Horrible experience! Didn’t go over my dads medical history and he’s stage 5 kidney failure- said several promises about getting him to get a dialysis treatment in and then 24 hours later come to find out they didn’t even have that med in the facility- he was covered in blood for over 18 hours till my son flew in from MN and got him cleaned up and I had to redo his bandages cuz they were soaked in blood and dried to his skin-


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