El Progreso #14

Atlanta, 1460 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30315


Good tacos from a small grocery store

The tacos are amazing. Eating here is guaranteed to make you happier and more satisfied with your life

$2.70 tacos. Not quite as cgeap as it used to be. Still good though.

If you like really high quality Mexican food that tastes like it was made by an Abuelitas then this is your spot. Easily the best tacos I have had in the city and honestly this place is better than 95% of the Mexican restaurants in Southern California.

This establishment is a beautiful tapestry of the cultural diversity of Atlanta. You walk in and you see Hispanic, black, white, hipster, gangster, construction worker, movie studio exec, and everything in between all waiting in line in the back to get some of the best Mexican food in the city. There's a reason why those that otherwise may never cross paths can wait together in community while being drawn together by a deep connection of authentic Mexican food and culture. Places like this are all over southern California where I went to college and I promise you this place beats them out of the water and is truly a gem shining brightly on this side of town.

Delicious authentic Mexican food. This place has been here for a while, and I hope it stays despite the neighborhood's gentrification.

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Reviews about El Progreso #14

16.10.2023 12:40
Prepared food is excellent! Don’t get any groceries from the fridge… when I got home I realized the cheese and yogurt drink I bought were well past expiration date. Their vegetables were fresh and they had various dried peppers available.
16.10.2023 12:40
Can’t beat this place! La mayor!!
16.10.2023 12:40
Simple, quick, and ready to go.
16.10.2023 12:39
Delicious tacos and good prices on items in the store. The pastor and asada tacos are really good.


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