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Facing a criminal charge or family law matter is daunting. If you need a lawyer in Austin, identifying the best path forward can be difficult.

At Cofer & Connelly, PLLCour Austin attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience. We've handled more than 25,000 criminal and family law cases over more than 370 jury trials.

We have decades of experience inside a courtroom, trying complex cases and winning. We’ve served as long-time prosecutors and judges in counties throughout Texas. We’ve been appointed to offices by Presidents, Governors, and Mayors. We know how the system works and we know how to deliver results.

We were born and raised in Texas, our roots date back to Texas Independence. We are the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of noted lawyers and judges. We have experience trying cases in courthouses throughout the Lone Star state.

We’ve successfully resolved thousands of cases and we're committed to achieving excellence for every one of our clients.

Family Law
Criminal Defense

The most interesting reviews

Best firm in Texas by far. And definitely one of the best in the country. Great team, and very knowledgeable attorneys.

We were turned down by multiple firms due to the difficulty of our case. Other firms just asked for an amount of money that we could not sustain. We came to Coffer & Connelly, PLLC seeking for help in regards to a first degree felony case. The team gladly helped us and had the case dismissed! they worked very fast, and the price was also reasonable. Overall a great experience with the firm. Highly recommended

Where to start, Rick Cofer was a Godsend. He was absolutely amazing throughout my criminal case. He and his staff were constantly checking up on me. Heather and Sarah were unbelievable and kept me abreast of any developments. They truly cared about my wellbeing and the outcome was the best that we could have hoped for. If you need a criminal lawyer you will not go wrong with Cofer and Connelly.

Liz was absolutely incredible. She talked with me through every single step of the legal process and stood solid until the end. I literally could not have gone through any of this without her. 100/10 recommend her for any legal issue you have! I’m so grateful to Liz and the whole team at Cofer & Connely. Merissa, the client care coordinator was so kind and helpful to help set appointments and reminders for things. I hope I never have to, but if I ever need another lawyer, I know EXACTLY who to come to. Thank you again Liz. For everything!

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Reviews about Cofer & Connelly, PLLC - Austin Criminal Defense & Family Lawyer

11.12.2023 22:25
100% recommend hiring this team! Jeremy was my attorney, and I couldn’t have been more happy that I hired him! Jeremy was extremely professional, knew what he was doing and kept me calm and at ease during the process. Between getting back to me in a timely manner and amazing costumer service, Camila and Kassidy made sure I had all the information I needed along with guiding me along the process. My case was a fairly tricky, the fact that they made my whole process as painless as possible, as well as getting me the results I was looking for - 10/10 for them. Thank you!! Hire them, you won’t regret it.
11.12.2023 22:25
El servicio que aquí y el trato de todo el equipo de este bufete de abogados fueron muy pero muy amables conmigo muchas gracias fue una buena experiencia de mi vida y me di cuenta que hay gente muy buena muchas gracias camila natalia el gran abogado rick cofer gracias dios bendiga a todos
11.12.2023 22:23
I want to start this review off by thanking Mark, Liz, Yasmine, Allison, and everyone who worked on my behalf behind the scenes! This team demonstrated high competence in their knowledge of the judicial system. In a time of my life where I had everything to lose and nothing to gain, they confidently took on my case with a high degree of assurance of a favorable outcome. If you are researching defense attorneys, I would highly recommend looking no further and obtain the Cofer & Connelly Law Firm.

Mark delicately understood my position in life and that a conviction of any sort was not ideal for my future career. From our initial meeting, he advised me to continue living my life and that I was in great hands. He personally wanted to lift the burden of the case off me and onto himself. His affable personality allowed that to occur naturally. Over the course of the situation, not only did I get to know him personally, but I got a chance to know him professionally. His experience and knowledge of the law allowed him to leave no stone unturned and exhaust all resources. He went to the highest extent to demonstrate the lawfulness on my behalf. While executing such extensive tasks swiftly yet confidently, he always took time out to reassure me he was doing everything to prove my defense. Over the next several months, I learned to know the “great hands” he was referring to, and that was the entire Cofer & Connelly Law Firm.

Liz! A true warm-hearted soul! Not only was she there to console me during my court settings, she too reassured me that with their knowledge of the judicial system that the situation was going to work itself out. Being able to code switch, looking at the situation as a defense attorney and then looking at the situation as an everyday human, confirmed her empathy and experience with law. Conversations were ended with “you know what, you’re right” indicating a restoration of confidence within myself and the situation.

Allison was such a great person! As the Client Care Coordinator, she demonstrated great communication skills. Her timeliness response put me at ease that I wasn’t just some case file at the bottom of the pile. With all the moving pieces, she was very up to date and precise with new developments and information. She too demonstrated compassion stemming from the situation.

Yasmine was awesome! As her title states, Mitigation Specialist, she was just that! She walked me through the process smoothly, swiftly, and successfully. To work with her is a blessing because she has the ability to help demonstrate who you are as an individual. Her empathy as well as passion for her career allows her to effortlessly execute time and time again. She is also another true listening ear, there to demonstrate your true character.

The team’s tactic in understanding the amount of stress accrued during such a period is key in their relationship building. Upon gaining your trust, they strategically demonstrate their expertise in the court room. The team is talented in their approach to a case. If not alluded to already, the situation resulted in the most favorable outcome imaginable. I couldn’t imagine working so calmly and confidently with another law firm!


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