Tesla Pittsburgh-Wexford

Store 878-332-6091 Service 878-332-6091 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
Pittsburgh, 14010 Perry Hwy Wexford, PA 15090

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Worked with David the whole time. He was really patient and gave me all the details I needed before buying. When I had come to pick up the car, I forgot my title for the trade in and he was really accommodating and told me to come back first thing the next day (since they were closing at the time) and he would get things through for me quickly. I came back the next day and he did exactly that! Great customer service!

Great car experience. Not pushy at all and able to explore options at our leisure. Haven't purchased yet so it was nice to go, test drive, chat without feeling pressured to buy. Tesla is super high on list to purchase



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Reviews about Tesla Pittsburgh-Wexford

13.12.2023 18:41
I regret I bought Tesla. The service at Wexford, PA was horrible. I should say it was almost abusive. The staff were rude, held my car in hostage without telling me when I can pick it up. At first they wanted to cancel my service right at the shop, because I didn't know they were sending me messages to Tesla app that I suppose to respond to. There is no way to know unless you go through several steps to get to the messaging part of the app. Nevertheless, my appointment was confirmed by e-mail and a phone call. They never return phone calls too. I was told to stay and wait outside in cold, while they had a lounge available. I saw people at the lounge. They DID NOT fix my car. The guy at the shop swore at me, cursed and insulted me because I demanded the approximate time for my repairs. I was outside for 2 hours waiting. I used to have BMW for 18 years and had never had bad treatment. I am so traumatized by this incident that I don't want this car anymore. My car still has rattling noise and moisture inside the turn signals glass. I have heard people complained about Wexford service, but didn't know how bad it could be until I came for the service myself.
13.12.2023 18:41
It’s next to impossible to have a discussion with any member of the service team. Every aspect of service must be done through the app. If you can’t find it on the app then you are screwed.


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Tesla Pittsburgh-Wexford

Pittsburgh, 14010 Perry Hwy Wexford, PA 15090

Store 878-332-6091 Service 878-332-6091 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752

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