Budget Car Rental Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Boston, 15 Transportation Wy, Boston, MA 02128

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Some interesting reviews

We usually use another rental car company, but they were not able to offer us the Jeep Wrangler we wanted for our early fall coastal drive. Budget exceeded our expectations and a very fair price. The entire process, at a very busy airport, was 100%. We will not hesitate to use Budget in the future.

When we did the reservation through priceline they I guess lined us up for a tiny car so when we went to pick up at the airport the woman let us know that the car wouldn't fit our family of 4 and our luggage so she could help us and upgrade us for $20 a day extra instead of the $40 for a full sized car which was awesome for her to do. Car wasn't cleaned when we got it the inside was full if ashes from previous renter. We took pictures of the inside and out to make sure we don't get charged for anything. But so far so good. It overall was a easy process and would definitely rent from them again.

So far everything has been great! Only negative was the $200 hold on my debit card. If I get all of it back, my review stands as is. I received a new car in the style I ordered. Full tank of gas, with a few small scratches that I documented. Still smelled new and inside was impeccable. Woman at the counter did her job. Men in the garage were friendly, helpful, and outgoing.


Follow ground transportation signs to Rental Car Center consolidated shuttle bus stops located outside of each terminal. Upon arrival at the Rental Car Center, Fastbreak members need to go into the Fastbreak counter in the garage to get their contract and space.

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Reviews about Budget Car Rental Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

09.01.2024 17:59
When we got to the lobby there was about 12 people ahead of us and 1 person working the counter. This took about 45 minutes to get through to the counter. We were then given our car space number and went to get the car. There was a different car sitting in the spot. I asked the person at the counter upstairs for help and they said they wouldn't help because they were the "vip" counter. I said I just need to know the space my car is in because they gave me the wrong space number. They said they wouldn't have even though they were just standing there doing nothing. Said I had to go back to the counter to get help all the way back downstairs. I walked all the way back, waited again and got space E29. I then went back up to get my car and the spots only go to E25. I finally found an employee parking cars and he laughed and said E29 isn't even a space. He said just take any car I want and helped me get going. Your process is broken and your employees have no care about your business.
09.01.2024 17:59
I booked a car through Jet Blue for a rate of $554 for 9 days. When I arrived in Boston around 11pm and waited in line to get my car. Finally got to the desk and had to deal with a person that you could tell she could care less about helping anyone. When she told me I was oils be charged over $1400 for the rental I was shocked. I left and went to Enterprise and was helped
09.01.2024 17:59
These low rating reviews don’t lie. Please spare yourself the aggravation and avoid at all cost. Budget has THE WORST organization and customer service , especially from this location.
Their agents lie, managers are rude. Long story short, they were supposed to have my rental towed back to their rental center , I spoke at length with the customer service agent who supposedly arranged everything with roadside assistance. Days later, I found out they charged my CC for over $1300. When I called them, their agent told me they picked up car , but it just hasn’t been processed in their system yet, that they would reversed the CC charges ( which they did). However, Nearly 3 weeks later , I received a phone call from some police dept stating the car was reported STOLEN. When I called them again, they simply told me they still didn’t receive the car, their manager ( Antonio) was very rude and literally rushed me off the phone by trying to transfer me to their roadside assistance dept. I asked them to read me the notes from my case ID, and it’s all superficial , they never noted the key information. My contact person where the car was left at told me they had contacted him to come get the car, but they never actually showed up.
This started over Thanksgiving weekend, still dealing with this now. Never again will I ever deal with them!!! Please save yourself the headache.
09.01.2024 17:58
Numerous issues but Ok overall. Rental process was chaotic and vehicle had many issues.
09.01.2024 17:58
Signed up for Fastbreak, booked in advance, skipped counter and picked my car in the parking lot!
09.01.2024 17:58
The car I ordered online was not the car I got when I got to Boston I was told it was gonna be one price and it turned out to be $300 more even though gas tank was filled no accidents no problems and no one could give me a reason why I was overcharged
09.01.2024 17:57
The vehicle we rented had multiple issues. 1. Tire pressure light came on. One tire was 10 lbs less than the other three. Called Customer Service (CS)and Roadside assistance (RA). Intially, CS told us they would get us a new vehicle, but there were no vehicles available. They suggested to call RA. RA told us we could have the tire shop check/fix the tire and we would be reimbursed. Went to tire shop (Goodyear), and in the end, there was a lock on the wheels which prevented them from fixing it, and there was no wheel lock key in the vehicle. Tire ended up not going flat further...air was added and we were OK. Had to spend about 1.5 hours in the tire shop. 2. Windshield wipers were horrible. Drivers wiper was ineffective to the point it was difficult to see in the rain. Much of our trip was in the rain. All 3 wipers needed replacing. 3. Keyfob battery low warning kept coming up in the vehicle. Lastly, I reported all isues to the vehicle check-in person. She was very cordial and explained there was nothig she could do, btu should check in with the rental car desk. I spoke to a lady (didn't get name, female appeared Hispanic, 40-50 yrs old, wearing a stocking cap) about the issues. She treated me horribly. I told her about the tire and she said it was because of the cold temps. I explained that it was only one tire, and my experience was that ALL tires would be lower due to cold weather, but not one tire. She disagreed saying "that is not true". I also explained the wipers were all needing replaced, and she stated "I don't know where you were, but it wasn't raining here recently". She then told me she couldn't help me, and to contact Customer Service. This situation was handled entirely improperly. The staff at the BOS airport I spoke to was rude and had excuses for everything I attempted to bring to her attention.
09.01.2024 17:57
Budget at Logan Airport did a 2x charge.
One on the card I provided, and the other -without authorization-on the card on file.
The 1st one was the rental agreed on, but the second was 2x the amount without letting me know. Found out thanks to card notification of extra charge.
Took advantage of time of night and weather conditions.
Be aware.
09.01.2024 17:55
This rental was perfect:
- the agent at the rental counter couldn’t have been more professional, efficient, courteous and pleasant.
- the car was clean and ran very well.
- the rental & return process was a breeze
- the price was more than competitive
Excellent in every way
09.01.2024 17:55
The rental carsI received at Boston Logan were dirty and poorly maintained. I was given two vehicles they were both dirty and the second one had alerts that it needed wiper fluid and and oil change. The counter staff was helpful but the cars are terrible
09.01.2024 17:55
Budget at Logan airport rented me a car that Cheech and Chong partied in for weeks. Strong smell of skunk marijuana and filthy windows. I had to personally clean the windshields, so it was safe to drive because of the filth. It also did not have a full tank of gas (3/4). It did not have windshield wiper fluid. I rent cars from Budget regularly and this was definitely not their best effort. I would have returned the car, but it was Christmas holiday and I wanted to spend time with family. Very disappointed in Budget Rental Car customer service.


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