Русский магазин Берёзка в Бостоне - Berezka International Food Store

Boston, 1215 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA 02134

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My wife is Russian and she loves coming here - they have so much she remembers from home. I've traveled all over Russia/Ukraine and the Baltics and they have a great selection of treats I remember from visiting these places too.

The lady that is always there (the owner I guess?) is always kind and happy to make suggestions or help us find what we are looking for, and she always has something to give to our little daughter too. Shops like this are one of the reasons I love Boston - we've tried a few Eastern European shops but this is by FAR the best with the widest selection, especially the meats and baked goods.

- Great store. I shop there every week for a traditional Russian and European food. Highly recommend.

I called them first to find out if they have what I need. They did. But! A young lady asked what do I need it for and then recommended something different and more helpful. They didn't have it but I got all the information where I can get it. I'm so grateful!


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Reviews about Русский магазин Берёзка в Бостоне - Berezka International Food Store

25.01.2024 13:21
Many options to choose from. Fresh desserts and meats. A lot of great tea options, drinks, snacks, and pickled items. The cashier is so nice and helpful! Since I do not read Russian she is always helpful and gives me good recommendations.
07.04.2023 18:57
Amazing shop. Really great to buy there. A lot of tasty Russian and not Russian food. I love Russian tea, ginger bread, polish pierogi and sausages


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