Pirosmani Georgian Food Art LLC Wheeling, IL

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Chicago, 849 W Dundee Rd, Wheeling, IL 60090

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We are pleased to welcome you to our Georgian Deli PIROSMANI, where we offer a true taste of Georgian dishes. Our kitchen is named after the famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani and our menu is influenced by the diverse culinary history of Georgia which is filled with mouthwatering flavors made with accustomed ingredients.
We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience, whether it is through traditional dishes or lesser-known delicacies.

Pirosmani offers you a wide selection of quality Georgian wines and spirits, Country which has 8000 years of winemaking tradition.
So, stop by and enjoy the flavors brought to you by us. First Deli owned and operated by Georgians in the Midwest will offer you a Dine-in Restaurant soon…

The most interesting reviews

Truly amazing food with great vegetarian options. The meats offered are also delicious. The khachapuri is quite seriously one of the most wonderful things I've ever eaten. The service is very friendly and the prices are very reasonable. I'll be going back often.

A genuine taste of Georgia! This food store is a treasure trove of authentic Georgian dishes. From wine to delectable cheeses and khachapuri, they've got it all. Friendly staff and a slice of Georgia in every bite. A must-visit for food enthusiasts!

If you want to try real Georgian food this is exactly the place. I have not tried anything like that in any place in Chicago! When you will be here do not forget to try khachapuri!Highly recommend!

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Reviews about Pirosmani Georgian Food Art LLC Wheeling, IL

31.01.2024 11:23
Fresh food from my home land, reminds me of home. Love Georgia? Come here
31.01.2024 11:22
The owner is very kind and accommodating. Most delicious georgeon cousine in my opinion ! Can't wait for when they open up the restaurant next door
31.01.2024 11:22
Delicious food and exotic drinks
31.01.2024 11:22
Delicious Georgian salads!
31.01.2024 11:22
This is a gem of a shop that serves awesome Georgian food with friendly, stellar, service. There's much more offered than in my photos.


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