HomeGoods Chicago Clybourn Galleria

Chicago, 1840 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

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Some interesting reviews about this place

My favorite store to shop at. We stop in at different locations to see what they have. This time I was in search of a Blue or Green vase to transport my Snake plants into. But all of the vases I saw at the top of the vase were small, not wide enough. The others were too heavy to pick up, or if I would add the water they would become too heavy. So, we found cookies and I fell in love with the chairs that had their swings. They looked like swinging Easter Eggs on a stand. We don't have the space. Then I spotted these elastic-wrapped oval chairs. Cute but hard for me to get out of. They came in Walnut Brown- Black-White & Baby Blue. Loved that design. We had a similar design at our old house. But they were made of hard sturdy plastic that lasted for years. Still, a fun store where I get creative ideas for styling my bedroom, front room & kitchen area. These colors work better using this color as a bold color alternative. This time we bought a 3 piece set of cotton woven Trivets. They help by protecting countertops from the

heated foods from the microwave. Instead of melting our plastic placemats. And we bought a Bench Scraper that has ruler markings on it. Easier to measure the pie dough, and cookie dough. And cut the pizzas in half, scoop up the messes, and more.

It's like going on a treasure hunt. I always find something to purchase.

Small HomeGoods, gets pretty busy on weekends.

It's nice but really small. If you're looking for something specific, it's less likely they'll have it since it has less

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Reviews about HomeGoods Chicago Clybourn Galleria

07.01.2024 17:09
great store lots of unique stuff, just like the name sez!
07.01.2024 17:09
The only reason this place gets a star is the free parking, which staff points at a bowl for you to grab your validation sticker from. Today was the worse service I’ve ever received at any store! The girl who rang me up scanned 1 item 6 extra times & another item 2x. I heard the scanner beep but she claimed she voided the transaction. When I got my receipt , I noticed the high total & that the quantity was much higher than my purchase (42 instead of 35 items), I let the manager & cashier know that I believe there was an error. This happened at 10:50pm. I asked if they could just process a return & anything left over can be refunded back to my card. Then do a new purchase transaction. She said it would be easier to go line item on the receipt & take each item out of my bag. So I ended sticking around for 20-30 min while they located each item on the receipt. I feel like the manager just cared about what was easier for her, not what was better for the customer. She didn’t even stick around to assist, instead insisted that she needed to grab water due to her cough & was seen walking around the store as the girl & another colleague fumbled through the receipt making more errors. I had to point out items she tried to count twice again & do the math to make sure I received the correct amt back on my card. The cashier wasn’t apologetic & kept saying she “maybe made a mistake” although it was clear to me, her manager & colleague that it was an overring. Customer service is about taking ownership over your own mistake, being respectful of the customer and their time…not making a customer wait around until almost 11:30pm. I will not return to this location if I can help it.
25.04.2023 13:50
Always find something good here. Affordable for some items. However some things feel cheap.


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