Ace Tech Auto Repair Inc.

New York City, 937 60th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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- It's an o******* place, When they see it's not one of their people they are very nasty to you. They were extremely nasty to me. When I came in they asked me what I need I told them specifically what I need and they told me the price when Everything was done They told me the price is double what I was told. I was extremely not happy and I'm not recommending anybody to go there For anything.

- One of the best car shops around. Very friendly staff who go above and beyond to help. Would definitely be coming back!

- Fast service always fixes your issues, with the car

My technician of choice. Great workmanship. Fixed problems even the dealers couldn't fix.

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Reviews about Ace Tech Auto Repair Inc.

01.02.2024 13:48
Nice people, good service, great pricing, I keep on coming back here
02.12.2023 16:28
Friendly quick service, knowledgeable, reasonably priced. I will be sending all my services here.


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