Ahava Medical Williamsburg, Brooklyn

New York City, 16 Sumner Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Our location in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY is a full service medical facility with a staff of over 120 health care professionals. The practice helps patients by utilizing the latest medical techniques and technology including aquatic therapy, speech & language therapy, and occupational therapy and more.






Internal Medicine


Occupational Therapy


Pain Management

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Vision Therapy


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The most interesting reviews

Wonderful I needed medical forms to be signed last minute and although very busy I was helped with a smile very welcoming environment

Great team! Everyone from doctors and staff together to make sure I got the best treatment! Now my back is feeling better and I’m so grateful!

Muy buen doctor y assistentes. Ayudan mucho los tratamientos!

I was thrilled to find a facility with aquatic PT, the therapists were patient , knowledgeable and creative when working with me and my condition. I had a very severe stroke and have very limited motor control in my arm and leg. I wasn’t able to join the regular water exercise group so my therapist had me do exercises that were specially tailored to my abilities and limitations.

At the same time there was an exercise class going which I loved and look forward to joining when I’m able. Before my session I observed the group which impressed me. The variety of exercises the group performed was comprehensive, addressed the entire body, it looked challenging but manageable to the participants.

I like my clinic and all the medical staffs they help me alot my Dr Hoch is the best God bless him and Leon too my favorites and all the staffs and Drs

Excellent bedside manners, thorough and clearly discussed consult with wonderful recommendations and thoughtful solutions. Highly recommended! Worth the wait!

They take care of you. Only thing is if your open for business on Sunday why no one answering the phones. People could be calling to cancel an appointment..

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Reviews about Ahava Medical Williamsburg, Brooklyn

01.02.2024 14:19
Excellent treatment provided! From the moment I entered I was treated with friendly and caring staff. First time there for pain management and the doctors were wonderful. The treatment eased my pain. I highly recommend.
01.02.2024 14:19
Dr Liu was the best doctor as soon I showed him my problem he told me right away what it was without no testing He sent me for the test and it was exactly what he said it was..Arava is a great clinic...
14.11.2023 20:36
This is a very tiny space. I had clients and staff yelling over my head and none saw that as an issue. We were stacked up in the back waiting to be seen. The staff is nice friendly and efficient but the talking over my head I don’t like.
14.11.2023 20:36
Dr Zalmen and aquatic therapist are the best!!!! Thank you for helping my child succeed everyday!
14.11.2023 20:35
It's good but one of the nurses are not that good working. When they took my blood I had a bruise and I knew that was going to happen. It's a woman that wears a no string and two earrings and wearing a bandana upside. Her head with glasses, trust and believe me do not let her take your blood. She thinks she knows what she's doing but she's if I was her I go back to school then again if I was the boss I fired her
14.11.2023 20:35
Dr. Welton (psychiatrist) always calls me when he is scheduled to (meaning somewhere between 30mins before or after the exact scheduled time, which I don’t mind), and is very prompt with prescription follow up. I sometimes struggle with our different understandings of identity, the role of therapy, and harm reduction.
I find the staff at the site kind, and disorganized/overworked. The facility has what it needs, and definitely is run down and usually overcrowded- doesn’t inspire. Fax number and contact info online for the offices overall have been incorrect for awhile, and management is aware. If it weren’t for the timeliness of my psych services, I would change providers. If prompt is the only thing you need, I’d recommend.
14.11.2023 20:34
This place is good and open by Jewish people. Commentary tv watching and water. Pool on six floor. Two speech therapist named Janelly Almonte and Zalmen Shuchat offices is located on the basement level which is one floor down from the lobby or the first floor and Tara K the speech therapist office on Third floor as well as Tashia Who left and resign from her job as a speech therapist and which is also combined with a eye doctor, dental. Gym room located Inside the door and patient need to ask someone to buzz you in. Alpesh Patel is the head of the Physical therapy department and king works at the Occupational therapy department at this location. There is another location in Brooklyn which is owned by the same owner. This location used to have a parking lot which is now under construction or rebuilding something. There is a dryer and a bathroom inside the two pool. There are two people control the pool. Sometimes Ian goes in the pool and Judy always there to Monitor what happened in the pool. One time a kid got sent home early because he wasn’t suppose to get on a kid back in the pool. Don’t think someone ever peed in the pool before, and I do believe that the pool does close at 7 pm according to Judy/ Ian( lifeguard monitor)which I am not really sure about it. Parking can be really hard and sometimes we call taxi To pick us up and drop us home. We drive there instead of calling taxi. My dad drop me off and then I going in while he go park the car. Two. speech therapist office downstairs(basement level). So take the two elevator or the two stairway to the basement. Ahava Medical other Brooklyn location at 2555 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11210 is under the same ownership as ahava medical located at 16 Sumner Place Brooklyn NY according to this Jewish man worker information that I heard while waiting for speech therapist . I don’t remember that Jewish man name. Alpesh Patel is the head of PT Dept and king is the head of OT Dept. There is 2 elevator and one elevator need card access to 6th floor for pool while the other one doesn’t need card access. One staircase goes to 6th floor and the other one goes to basement and 3rd floor and maybe to floor 4-5. There is a second Gym inside woman’s pool on 6th floor.
14.11.2023 20:34
Yes! I will go again to Ahava Medical Clinic, I loved the staff, I felt much better. They were very considerate.
14.11.2023 20:34
Getting Transportation from Avava to see my Wound Care Doctor is horrible I have to call several times car service never on time Apple Car Service employees laughing over the phone this is on acceptable Avava transport staff is rude and keep putting me on hold. Horrible service for/experience . Iam a patient and I don't see why this is a joke
Horrible Service
I will repot this to DOH
14.11.2023 20:33
Amazing new vision department!
Very professional!
Great experience, definitely recommend
14.11.2023 20:33
My experience at ahava medical has been a horrible one, I can't believe the level of negligence. I was in an auto accident, they took my no-fault, after about 8 months of being treated, it was concluded that I needed surgery. Dr Frank sagreto verbally referred me to his nephew who is a surgent at suny downstate hospital. When I tried to schedule an appointment I was denied, because my claim had been closed due to the fact, that Frank sagreto's staff began charging my personal health insurance instead of the accident claim. Not only is the claim closed, but now Ahava won't give me a letter referral for surgery. Unbelievable, and unacceptable, but very sad. I need back surgery and thanks to Ahava I'm in a very serious situation. Over 8 MRI's have been for various parts of my body.
If there was an option to 0 stars that would've been great. Unfortunately there not. I had no choice, I had to put 1 start. Which they do not deserve. Shame on AHAVA-HEBREW TRANSPORTATION (LOVE) MORE LIKE NO-LOVE.
14.11.2023 20:32
By hands down the worst mental health clinic you can ever go to! The therapists are unreliable, Mirta dropped me as a patient because i could only do phone sessions rather than in person sessions and I was trying to accommodate with this woman but she was just making it very inconvenient for me as far as scheduling goes. Don’t come here
24.04.2023 15:34
Ahava has a staff who do their job quick and professional


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