Ahava Medical Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Город Нью-Йорк, 16 Sumner Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Wonderful I needed medical forms to be signed last minute and although very busy I was helped with a smile very welcoming environment

Great team! Everyone from doctors and staff together to make sure I got the best treatment! Now my back is feeling better and I’m so grateful!

Muy buen doctor y assistentes. Ayudan mucho los tratamientos!

I was thrilled to find a facility with aquatic PT, the therapists were patient , knowledgeable and creative when working with me and my condition. I had a very severe stroke and have very limited motor control in my arm and leg. I wasn’t able to join the regular water exercise group so my therapist had me do exercises that were specially tailored to my abilities and limitations.

At the same time there was an exercise class going which I loved and look forward to joining when I’m able. Before my session I observed the group which impressed me. The variety of exercises the group performed was comprehensive, addressed the entire body, it looked challenging but manageable to the participants.

I like my clinic and all the medical staffs they help me alot my Dr Hoch is the best God bless him and Leon too my favorites and all the staffs and Drs

Excellent bedside manners, thorough and clearly discussed consult with wonderful recommendations and thoughtful solutions. Highly recommended! Worth the wait!

They take care of you. Only thing is if your open for business on Sunday why no one answering the phones. People could be calling to cancel an appointment..

Медицинский и реабилитационный центр Ахава был основан в 1998 год.

Медицинский центр «Ахава» - это медицинское учреждение с полным спектром услуг, в котором работают более 120 медицинских работников. Ахава обслуживает пациентов в Бруклине и прилегающих районах Нью-Йорка. Практика помогает пациентам, используя новейшие медицинские методы и технологии, включая водную терапию, речевую и языковую терапию и профессиональную терапию. Они также предоставляют пациентам комплексную помощь в области внутренней медицины, педиатрическую помощь, психиатрию, физическую терапию и неотложную помощь.

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Отзывы про Ahava Medical Williamsburg, Brooklyn

24.04.2023 15:34
Ahava has a staff who do their job quick and professional


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