Al-Sham Restaurant Brooklyn, NY

New York City, 7701 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Al-Sham Restaurant was founded by a team of like-minded foodies; a group of friends who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together. Our hobby quickly led us to opening this Middle Eastern Restaurant, a place where people from all over San Francisco can meet to enjoy our special dishes and comfortable atmosphere.

Freshness and creativity are our favorite ingredients. Our menu is varied and the service is unmatched. If you’re looking for a superb culinary experience, call us today to make a reservation!


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This place hands down has the BEST chicken shawarma sandwich I've ever had in my life. I'm genuinely amazed. The flavor of the chicken is impeccable, the pickled vegetables are delicious, the garlic sauce is so flavorful, and even the texture of the wrap is light and crispy. It was perfect. I would recommend getting extra garlic sauce on the side to dip it in. The only thing I wouldn't recommend are the fries, they're just okay. Definitely not bad, but not good either. Also keep in mind that this place is cash only, and I got my food as take-out. I will go back here every time I want shawarma. It's just so good, I recommend it 100%!

Al Sham is a Restaurant on 5 Avenue in Brooklyn, Where You can Find Authentic Arabia Cuisine on Every Block from 65 Street onward all the way up to 86 Street intersection.

Al Sham stand alone from the rest because Service and Food are presented in a Well mannered and measured Quantity to Show Care and Quality of Food and Service. Al Sham Cashier Cleck is Very keen to take Correct Order to keep Wastage of Food down and keeping Customers happy. The Food Preparers is careful with the time and temperature to cook Food to awaken Flavor When Customers starts to Eat their Food. Finally, When Your Food Order is of a Take Out Nature, Cashier Cleck Personally hand You a Bag with Complete Order inside to make Your Leave the Place with a Good Feel. BTW, My Order at Al Sham was for 1 Order of Fries, Which goes to Show, How Well will they take care of You, When You go and Eat at this Location.

Never got the right order if speak in English or Arabic always have problem with order

The food at Al Sham is some of best authentic Syrian food in New York. The Mashawi here are just phenomenal.

the food was so delicious and if you’re going there, make sure you bring some cash. they doesn’t except any debit cards or credit cards and I suggest for you to order Mix Grill plate with Fries

I visited this place on New Year's Day for dinner. It wasn't my first option to visit in Brooklyn, but the restaurant I wanted to visit and eat was closed for this holiday. I went after I read a lot of comments on google reviews. Some of them were really good and recommending this place, and others said the opposite. We gave it a try anyway, and I am so happy that we did. The restaurant was so busy, so the food was fresh and took more than 20 minutes to be prepared. That give you the assurance that they are working in order to complete your order. When we were served the food (al sham mixed grill meat), I was amazed and surprised by the taste. You can genuinely taste the genuine lebanese Syrian food. My stomach was extremely happy to start the New Year with the best place to do a grill in Brooklyn. The only thing i think it could be better is the fries, it was served a little bit cold but this thing can be fixed easily i believe by the owners.

The atmosphere was also great since it is local business and not super fancy. You feel like you are eating in a local restaurant in Damascus or Beirut. The owner is so kind, and he is also a hard-working person for that I respect. He makes sure everything is ok, and when it is super busy, he joins his team in working hard to cut waiting times for customers. I am so happy that we have this kind of food and restaurant in NYC, and we are already planning to go back within the next two weeks. Highly highly recommend this restaurant. It won't disappoint you if you like Levant food. Great job, and 10

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Reviews about Al-Sham Restaurant Brooklyn, NY

01.02.2024 14:26
The best shawarma in Bay Ridge
15.12.2023 17:35
Everything was so good, fresh, and delicious. There was a friendly and polite team, definitely come.. Regarding the fee, they do not accept payment by card. We are confused about the price, please calculate what you eat yourself..
15.12.2023 17:35
Nice place presents Halal food
15.12.2023 17:35
The food taste amazing
But for two times in raw I saw hair one time in the coleslaw and the other time in cauliflower pickles
15.12.2023 17:34
After a 20 minute wait for 1 beef shawerma sandwich he gives me a pre rolled sandwich that was not fresh ad they do that for all orders and it tasted awful!!!!
15.12.2023 17:34
This place tastes good but for their shawarma prices ARE RIDICULOUS!! $20 for a sandwich with fries??? Like it’s crazy . And if u get combo it’s 24??? How does that even make sense? They really do need to adjust their pricing, I used to order but I stopped it got too much and it’s not their shawarma but the whole menu
15.04.2023 14:04
Delicious food, simply delicious! It’s a good idea to call ahead on the weekends especially because they are busy - that’s how much traffic this place gets! We’ve eaten the falafel, Chicken Shish kebab platter and Kufta Kebab platters that were tender and savory . The platters are big and generously portioned . Order up!


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