Alnoor Halal Deli Brooklyn, NY

New York City, 710 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Alnoor Halal Deli Brooklyn  - Great foods , great taste great price

The most interesting reviews

Had chicken sandwich I think best sandwich shop in newyork city

- Everything was fresh, well-seasoned, and delicious. Absolutely bangin deli.

- Amazing food, friendly staff, A+ experience!

- That man knows exactly what he is doing and he will take care of you. Amazing affordable food and the chicken over rice and kofta deluxe are world class

This is the best food in the world. I come here every week and eat this scrumptious ah food

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Reviews about Alnoor Halal Deli Brooklyn, NY

01.02.2024 14:57
They are so good And they have an authentic falafel really delicious
15.12.2023 17:59
The food and price is unmatched!
15.12.2023 17:59
Musa is the best! The food is delicious…I’m craving it right now as we speak!
15.12.2023 17:59
The food is always the best. I get half chicken half beef every time…this is probably the cheapest restaurant I’ve been to with delicious food 11/10.
15.04.2023 16:56
The food is super delicious, price is amazing, and owner is kind!! This place was amazing. Eggplant & falafel combo and Kofta plate had tons of food. What a gem!!


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