Azteca Deli Brooklyn, NY

New York City, 3094 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235


Me and my son enjoyed the tacos here

- Easily the best Mexican food in the Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead area. Not sure what these one star reviews are talking about - people need to chill. The place is clean. The meat and produce were ALL fresh and delicious. The staff were prompt, patient and accurate with the orders, and the seating space itself is pretty cool. If you’re thinking about the caldo de res (beef soup), don’t think anymore and just go for it, it’s very good. As a bonus the people watching on Coney Island Ave from the seating area never fails to entertain

- This must be one of the BEST places for REAL mexican homemade food and goodies. It might not be the fancy restaurant you are looking for but if great food is what u are about THIS IS THE PLACE. You will have to wait quite a bit but it is so worth it. My recommendation: Cecina, Barbacoa and Consome de Chivo ... Exquisite!

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Reviews about Azteca Deli Brooklyn, NY

27.08.2023 07:04
Things here are so overpriced, the food isn't that good, and the cashier is just so rude. 3.99 for a can of beans when you could get it cheaper at other stores also freaking small jarritos $3.00 when you could get a bigger one at another local store.
27.08.2023 07:04
I ordered some steak tacos they came with everything on them, they were pretty good. This a grocery store and bakery/kitchen with well stocked Mexican merchandise. I also had a walnut muffin which was amazing. I'm mad I only got one but I ll be back to try more.
13.04.2023 12:41


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