Carmit Archibald MD, PC

New York City, 40 E 84th St, New York, NY 10028

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Dr. Archibald delivered my baby 14+ years ago and she continues to be my OB. She is patient and comfortable to talk to. She asks the questions I don't think about asking about myself. I live in NJ and it's definitely worth the trip to NYC to continue seeing her.

Dr. Archibald is thorough and easy to talk to. She asked a lot of questions which made me feel cared for. I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable during the physical exam. The overall experience was great and would easily recommend her to anyone who is looking for an attentive and knowledgable OBGYN.

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02.02.2024 19:22
Avoid. I saw this doctor a few years ago for a difficult procedure. I researched ahead of time hoping to find a compassionate and competent doctor but instead found someone condescending and dismissive. She forced an IUD on me that I clearly didn't want and made me feel like I had to get it or else I would be irresponsible. I asked questions about how it would affect my hormones, etc which she seemed to take offense to. The pain getting the IUD was excruciating and was the worst pain I ever experienced which she dismissed as well (getting the iud would be "just a pinch"). I had constant pain for 6 months after. I also got the HPV vaccine here and she said I was "adulting" by getting it. I think I was 30 years old at the time. So condescending. The entire experience seeing her was honestly traumatizing. She is just terrible, don't go here.


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