Cesar's Empanadas Truck

New York City, 16-32 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Best birria tacos and soup I ever had.

Great stuff. Satisfying beef and chicken empanadas every time!

Crispy, kept warm, filled well, AMAZING green salsa. Can't beat the price or speed, nor the kindness of the staff.

- Best birria tacos and soup I ever had.

- Best Empanadas in Brooklyn

Perfectly hits the spot after a Nets game. Beef and chicken empanadas are both straight fire!

The best empanadas I've tasted so far. The meat inside is fresh and juicy not dried out like most other places, you could taste all the seasoning on the meat, the crust was crunchy but not over cooked. It was a pleasant experience

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Reviews about Cesar's Empanadas Truck

02.02.2024 19:37
I’ve been going here for YEARS! [Since 2018 I think.] They have BY FAR- they best Empanadas & their Chicken over rice w beans…*chefs kiss*

I go OUT OF MY WAY to add this stop to my routine lol
16.12.2023 11:54
Has to be one of the best empanadas food truck spots I’ve been to in a long long time! Delicious!
16.12.2023 11:54
Best Empamadas and sauces in town!
14.04.2023 13:36
Best Empanadas in Brooklyn


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