Cheong Fun Cart

New York City, 159 Hester St, New York, NY 10013

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- Moi j'ai trouvé ca très bon ! C'est une sorte de pate de riz gluant farci avec différents trucs (voir la carte) Ma femme était moins ravi ca lui a noué l'estomac. Prix imbattable, et pour ma part très goûtu !

- This is the dish I didn’t know I was craving for the last few years. Very excited to find this in NY- it was delicious!!

- Have been frequenting this cart for easily over a decade. Taste has never been compromised and the line has only gotten longer. Sometimes makes grabbing a bite longer than it used to be, but that's how you know they've survived the test of time. The two ladies who work the cart primarily speak Cantonese, but they can understand and reply in Mandarin and English well enough to handle your order. So don't be turned away by the big sign in Chinese!!

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Reviews about Cheong Fun Cart

03.02.2024 13:02
The rice rolls are a perfect chewy texture, shrimps cooked perfectly, and the sauce poured on top is savory and not sweet like some places. Worth the wait!
16.12.2023 13:32
Classic, I like the regular pork with scallions cilantro soy sauce and hot sauce. I can eat 1 large rice roll as a meal or 2 if I’m pretty hungry.
16.12.2023 13:31
11月底的紐約天氣冷了,起床想吃熱呼呼的早餐,這次剛好住在Fidi 大約走路20分可以到。抵達時距離關門時間剩下一分鐘,還好阿姨熱情的招呼也讓我買了!


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