Cherry Hill Market Brooklyn, NY

New York City, 2284 86th St #1, Brooklyn, NY 11214

7-00 - 22-00

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The selection of food you can’t really get anywhere else is incredible!

- The bakery is fresh, the hot foods are fresh, the cheese and meat are fresh. Large range of dairy products. They have snacks and all types of fruits. Different types of drinks as well. I am always greeted with a smile. Very respectful business

- Unfortunately the customer service of this network is going down and down. Now for a packing bag (not shopping bags) they ask you to pay 5 cents. And if you don't agree, they just take this bag from you and say that the product is already in the package (in my example, it is sugar in paper packaging) and you cannot use another bag to save the product. According to the cashier, this is a new provision and you are required to release the goods from the package. Cherry Hill 2284 86th St #1, Brooklyn, NY 11214. Dear owners of this business, you already have the entire cost of the packages included in the price of the goods. Please teach your staff how to serve your customers correctly and with respect!!! We do business for you, please do not forget about it.

- I like this store, but forced to give one star. The older lady from dessert section that works morning shifts and ruins people's mood when they come to get a cup of coffee- should never work with people or even talk to anyone. The rudest horrible person. Has no idea of basic customer service. The rest of the staff is great.

- The prepared foods in this place are too good. Between that, the gorgeous produce and the myriad sausages and smoked fish, we end up dropping over a hundred bucks each visit.

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Reviews about Cherry Hill Market Brooklyn, NY

03.02.2024 13:05
its big but its ok
26.12.2023 22:14
Good place, very clean, Most of the products are Russian and they have a special section for delicious prepared food.
26.12.2023 22:14
Cashiers not very friendly,sometimes even you would not get greetings. Also the line often is long through cold cuts department. Selection of cakes is good,produce is also not bad
26.12.2023 22:14
Good Russian food keep up the good work.
27.08.2023 07:16
Very expensive but delicious! Blinchiki 14.99 is it too much?
14.04.2023 12:30
Great place for pricey groceries. Keeping this real, this establishment is very clean and workers are very talkative. A decent selection of grocery, especially desert and pastries; all are mostly over priced markup. Good selection of delicatessen cooked food, but mostly european style. They even has a limited florist shop up front, also very pricey. Among it's neighboring shops, this establishment is very pricey.


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