Chinatown Supermarket of Manhattan

New York City, 109 E Broadway, New York, NY


Honestly speaking I don't like it down here.The food is bad it's mostly dirty on every street and no one understands English.

- I’ve been shopping here since they opened and it’s generally a well run place. The produce is in good shape, the meats are kept fresh, and almost every Asian pantry stable is available.

- Good for budget groceries. I buy all of my beverages from here every week.

- Great selection of fruits, veggies and Asian snacks! Love to grab the spicy Lao Gan Ma for hotpot season. There are some home goods that are affordable and high quality.

Quintessential Chinese supermarket, with reasonable priced selections.Where you are able to find a variety of asian vegetables,sea food and fruits and hot pot necessities. A small selection of asian snacks is also sold here. Overall pleasant to shop to get what you needed.

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Отзывы про Chinatown Supermarket of Manhattan

27.08.2023 07:19
Great spot. Not everything is quite as fresh as some of my other favorite Chinatown markets but it's local to me and therefore convenient.
27.08.2023 07:19
This location is not bet place the do not respect the products that they sell. The Have good packaged items. But the handling of the food that have is not some that you would want to buy, if you know how they were treating them.
27.08.2023 07:19
Clean supermarket, friendly staff, and lots of Asian products at affordable prices. I always see them mopping and doing a deep clean when closing, and vegetables are super fresh. My go to supermarket in Chinatown :)
27.08.2023 07:18
Always clean and fresh fish
27.08.2023 07:18
Chinese supermarket on two stories with a big selection of fresh meat and seafood, fruits an groceries. They have nearly everything.
13.04.2023 15:18
good store


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