Dr. Alex Tepper MD

New York City, 65 E 96th St #0776, New York, NY 10128

Welcome to my practice. Let me introduce myself and my practice philosophy. I am a board-certified OB/GYN in practice for over 20 years and have been a solo practitioner on the Upper East Side of Manhattan since 2000. All deliveries are performed at The Mount Sinai Medical Center where I went to medical school.

The beauty of being a solo practitioner is that it allows me to know all of my patients and recognize their unique needs. Every patient is special, and I am grateful for their loyalty. I am available to my patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I take three weeks’ vacation per year, and the prestigious Carnegie Hill Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists cover my practice during those three weeks.

I am the only physician in my new office. Appointments are spaced in such a manner so that the waiting room is never overcrowded and the waiting time should never be more than 15 minutes.

I was raised in a bilingual home, lived in South America as a child, and enjoy addressing the needs of the South American community. Nuestra oficina es bilingue y difrutamos trabajando con la comunidad Latina.

I have also been featured on several TLC shows including “sMothered”, “Little People, Big World”, and “A Baby Story”.

If you want access to the latest medical technology, and a physician that practices personalized medical care then my practice could be a perfect fit for you.

I look forward to seeing and helping you.

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- Dr. Tepper was amazing during my pregnancy and the birth. He made this all experience easy and better than I could imagine. I can’t thank him enough for everything. Definitely going to come back!!

- I had a great experience with Dr Tepper! Easily available for any questions or concerns. Very understanding and down to earth. Highly recommend

- Dr. Teller is very knowledgeable and patient. He answered all of our questions fully and executed our delivery perfectly. I felt very at ease knowing that him and his team were taking care of my wife. I highly recommend him!

- Amazing experience ! I had an extremely difficult pregnancy , also a Very long labor and I can’t praise Dr. Tepper enough on how he handled all the difficulties that came with my pregnancy . He’s very professional, knowledgeable, patient and most importantly did everything in his power to successfully deliver my baby all while respecting my wishes . I highly recommend him .

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Reviews about , специалист Dr. Alex Tepper MD

03.02.2024 14:18
There are not enough words to describe how thankful we are for Dr. Tepper’s wonderful care during my pregnancy, labor & delivery. You've helped bring a perfect Christmas miracle into our lives and we couldn't be more thrilled with her! We're grateful to have shared this wonderful experience with such a friendly and professional doctor's office!Thank you for helping us to become a family .
03.02.2024 14:18
Thank you so much Dr Tepper! U know we appreicate u because were back again... After much research we got to Dr Tepper by our previos pregnancy, and had an amazing and caring experince! So much so, that were back for another one eventhough we travel hours for each visit (not easy being pregnant) but, its totaly worth it. If u are looking for a caring and devoded OB then dont look any furthor! Thanx again Dr Tepper! Were calm and looking foward for this journey with u again!


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