Dr. Mikhail Plotnitskiy

New York City, 85 E Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY 11580

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- Greatest doctor I’ve ever had! He delivered my daughter 5 months ago via c section. He’s caring, trustworthy, educated, reliable and the list goes on. He eased my mind throughout my pregnancy when I struggled with pregnancy anxiety and always was reassuring and never judgmental. The delivery went amazing it was one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had. My scar is already so minimal and the incision healed tremendously already! He seriously is an amazing doctor and person.

- I cannot say enough great things about this doc! He delivered my daughter last year vaginally and I had no complications at all. He was extremely empathetic and attentive he even stood late into his shift to support both me and my husband. This year, he performed my preemie son via C section. My son was perfect and safe and my C section incision is tight and exact with very little pain. He will be my OBGYN until he retires. He’s the best!!!

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04.02.2024 14:08
He took very good care of me my whole pregnancy


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