Dr. Yevgeniya Rabovetskaya, MD

New York City, 3101 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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- She’s a very thorough doctor. She took my issues seriously and listened to me. The medical assistants were very professional and really sweet (in afraid of needles). The wait is short and you are seen on time if you arrive on time. They don’t take another person that came early and make you wait . This review is coming from a registered nurse.

Очень вежливый, внимательный врач. И остальной персонал очень приятный.

Прием без ожидания.уютно.Персонал вежлив.

Good doctor. Attentive to detail. Always in touch.

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Reviews about , специалист Dr. Yevgeniya Rabovetskaya, MD

04.02.2024 14:28
good service


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