Faicco's Pork Store

New York City, 6511 11th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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Extremely friendly service and popular location, they respect the queue. Ample fresh meats selection, plus cooked food options - I overheard someone asking for hot rice balls. A reliable shop and easy to get to on main 11th Ave.

Best pork products to be found. Everything is fresh & finest quality. Staff treats everyone like family.

Can’t say enough good things about FAICCO

Since the first time I was introduced to this place in 1997, I continue to drive 4 hours from upstate NY, to pick up my broccoli rabe sausage, sausage, cheese and parsley rings, rice balls, fresh mozzarella, lard bread and on and on! They package it the way I ask them. They always make me feel good which it's why I continue to go back! Highly recommend

I've been shopping at Faicco's for decades. They have the best of everything!! You we'll never be disappointed in anything you buy there

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Reviews about Faicco's Pork Store

04.02.2024 15:29
This is the best place for all your fresh meats and cold cuts!! Awesome people work here!! Love shopping here. I want to buy everything they have!!
27.08.2023 14:15
Good hero’s and always fresh selection of meats
27.08.2023 14:15
My husband’s family always shops here and I finally had a chance to experience it first hand. Meats are fresh they answer all my questions honestly. My favorites are the sausage rings that have less fat and more flavor.
Staff treats everyone like family.
27.08.2023 14:15
One of the best purveyors of Italian sausages in NYC. Everything here, from the meats to the prepared foods is top shelf.
15.04.2023 15:03
good store


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