Faroqui Raufa MD

New York City, 59 E 54th St #63, New York, NY 10022

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Excellent skilled in my IUD removal she’s one of the BEST recommended gynecologist expert OB GYN in the NYC. PAINLESS!

Really shocked to see all the 1-star bad reviews. Dr. Faroqui has been very friendly, patient, thorough, and honest with me. I've never had bad experiences with the receptionists. I will say the office does seem outdated, especially compared to some of the boutique spa-like offices around the city, but THE DOCTOR is more important to me than pretty pink walls and a latte while I wait.

Also just because it's not fancy/pretty does not mean it's not clean. I've never seen anything unprofessional or unsanitary during my visits. Reviews complaining about the sign above the toilet asking not to flush tissues--this is New York City, there are a lot of old buildings with plumbing issues. Dr. Faroqui has a great bedside manner, she makes me laugh and feel comfortable and heard. I feel like she genuinely cares that I'm getting the care I need and deserve and I'll take that over a bougie start-up office space any day.

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04.02.2024 16:19
I'm a new patient of Dr Faroqui's. Though the office is small and not updated, I'm there for the doctor, not the decor—contrary to a few previous reviews, the office IS really clean; Dr Faroqui herself is kind, friendly and clearly experienced, and answers questions in a straightforward manner.


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